New nightsoil collection removal methods in Hongkong, newspaper article 1940

Thanks to IDJ for sending in this article thereby enlarging our knowledge about the collection of nightsoil in Hong Kong and hopefully making us appreciate the modern collection and treatment of sewage. Thanks also to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. New nightsoil removal methods in Hongkong Combating the Cholera Menace in the Colony Drastic changes in the present method […]

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The Hongkong Telephone Company, 1925 to 1933, Far Eastern Review article

Hongkong Telephone Company New Version Kowloon Exchange Building Peter Crush

Peter Crush has kindly sent the following article about the Hongkong Telephone Company which was first published in the Far Eastern Review of September 1933. Many thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article shown below. And thanks to Peter for improving the clarity of the first two images below. Please note the  images do not appear in the same […]

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Hong Kong Water Supply – Irrigation Reservoirs

Kwu Tung

Tymon Mellor: Farming in Hong Kong has always been a challenging vocation; small field sizes, labour intensive, often rugged terrain and unpredictable weather. In good times two crops of rice could be grown a year but with erratic rainfall and the expansion of the reservoir catchwaters system, the agricultural community were under pressure. They wanted infrastructure investment to support farming […]

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Town Gas gasometer, Aberdeen – made and erected in 1981 through the collaboration of HUD and S Cutler & Sons, Telford, UK

IMG 4892

Stephen Davies: An interesting question to which I don’t know the answer, is what the provenance is of the gasometer that still stands (and I believe is in use for stand-by storage) back from the Tin Wan Praya waterfront just outside the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter West entrance (on the north shore). I’m fairly sure it’s been there as long as I […]

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Charcoal burning in Hong Kong, 1971 RASHKB article

James Hayes has kindly given permission for several of his articles published by the Royal Asiatic Society (HK Branch) to be posted on our website. Here he writes about Charcoal Burning in Hong Kong which was included by the RASHKB in its Journal Volume 11, 1971. James mentions several locations where charcoal was produced, namely:- Kwun Tong Lamma Island Tong […]

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Coal in Hong Kong – initial notes

HF: It was never mined here. So this article is an initial attempt to put together what little we have about importing coal and how it was used in Hong Kong: transport, manufacturing, utilities, shipping, domestically…can you add to this article? I have also included charcoal and for general interest information about and images of China and Taiwan/Formosa on these […]

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Rat bins – HK Electric/Gas connection and to a colloquial Cantonese “affectionate” term

IDJ sent the English version  of what the piece calls Rat Boxes. Mak Ho Yin has kindly translated it. 「香港電燈公司和煤氣公司與老鼠箱關係密切,因為老鼠箱是掛在電燈柱上的。由於華人極為抗拒(滅鼠人員)進入私人住宅,政府於是鼓勵華人在殺死家中的老鼠後,將鼠屍放在就近的老鼠箱內,由衛生部門職員每日收集清理。老鼠箱掛在電燈柱一景,還衍生了一句香港獨有的俗語「電燈柱掛老鼠箱」,以形容夫妻二人中丈夫瘦削兼且二人身高矮懸殊。」 Ho Yin continues: This paragraph raised my curiosity on the topic of rat bins so apart from translating it I also did a quick check about its history. I have no memory of seeing them hanging at lamp-posts, and I […]

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The Gutta Percha Company – link to Eastern Extension Telegraph Company and Hong Kong

The Gutta Percha Company by Bill Burns The following paragraphs are extracted from Bill’s article, with his permission, which can be found on his large and absorbing website. The article can be read in full via the link below, along with an extract from the book “London by day and night:or, Men and things in the great metropolis” by David W. Bartlett, […]

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Construction of new filtration plant, Stubbs Road, Hong Kong Island, 1949

Construction Of Stubbs Road Filtration Plant Detail B, HK Sunday Herald 31 July 1949 From IDJ

IDJ has kindly sent the following article extracted from the Hong Kong Sunday Herald of 31st July 1949. This adds a new aspect to the history of water supply in Hong Kong on the website which has been to date mainly articles about reservoirs, see below. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. Modern Filter Beds Under Construction Modern […]

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