Socony-Vacuum Oil Company in HK from 1896

HF and Elizabeth Ride (ER) New information in red. The article 1941 Report – Future Control and Development of the Port Of Hong Kong mentions the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. The first Hong Kong mention I can find is about the Vacuum Oil Company  from The Hongkong Government Gazette of 23rd May 1896. Then this from the Hongkong Government Gazette of […]

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Ching Hing Construction (正興建築): Beyond the Family Feud 

Ching Hing Construction Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Ching Hing Construction (正興建築): Beyond the Family Feud Left: Ip Ching-ping as vice chairman of the HK Building Contractors Association; Right: Ching Hing’s adin 1955 (HKBCA yearbook) The decades long high-profile family feuds between the descendants of Ching Hing Construction founder Ip Ching-ping (葉正平, 1903-1983)has overshadowed the success of Ching Hing Construction, which was one of the leading […]

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Evergreen Motion Picture (永茂電影企業)

Evergreen Motion Picture Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Evergreen Motion Picture (永茂電影企業) Left: poster for Evergreen’s “Action Speaks Louder than Words” in 1955 starring Sheung Kwun Kwan-wai and SzemaWah Lung; Right: Poster for Evergreen’s “Honor Thy Father and Mother” in 1953 starring Sheung Kwun Kwan-wai and Cheung Ying-tsoi Evergreen Motion Picture was one of the eight leading independent movie production companies in the 1950s which produced […]

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Hong Kong Rope Manufacturing Company build new factory in Singapore

Hong Kong Rope Manufactoring Company, Colonial Industrial Estate, Hillview, Singapore, Ijamestann.blogspot

IDJ has kindly sent the following newspaper article about the Hong Kong (or sometimes Hongkong) Rope Manufacturing Company planning a rope producing factory in Singapore. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. That work is now going ahead with the establishment of a rope works in Singapore was disclosed by Mr G.E. Marden, MC, in his statement to shareholders […]

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York Trading (玉旨行)

York Trading Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: York Trading (玉旨行) Opening of York Trading’s branch in Aberdeen in 1955. Second from the right was fellow pharmaceutical executive and CGCC chairman Ko Cheuk-hung while first from the left was likely the managing director Chan Hin-ying. (WKYP, 1955-5-13) York Trading was one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Western and Chinese medicine in HK in the […]

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