Hsu Long-sing (徐朗星) and Kiu Foong Enamel Factory (九豐搪瓷廠)

Hsu Long Sin + Kiu Foong Enamel Factory Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Hsu Long-sing (徐朗星) and Kiu Foong Enamel Factory (九豐搪瓷廠) Left: Hsu Long-sing (Source: WahKiuYat Po, 1975-1-12); right: Hsu Long Sing Amenities Centre at the HKU Student Union “Hsu Long Sing” is a familiar name on the campus of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) as the Hsu Long Sing Amenities Centre where the HKU Student Union is located […]

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Linden Johnson and Mandarin Textiles/Dynasty Salon

Linden Johnson Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Linden Johnson and Mandarin Textiles/Dynasty Salon Linden Johnson with two of his models wearing Dynasty dresses in 1967 (Parade)  In the 1950s and 1960s, an American entrepreneur by the name of Linden Edward Johnson put the HK garment industry on the global map through his Mandarin Textiles (萬壽) and its highly successful Dynasty Salon line of women’s loungewear, […]

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Lucky Enamelware (立基搪瓷)and Leader Manufactory (立泰製造廠)

Lucky Enamelware Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Lucky Enamelware (立基搪瓷)and Leader Manufactory (立泰製造廠) Left: Chow Yuk-Ho; Right: Chow Yuk-ho (second from right) with his wife, son Donald and daughter Audreyin the 1950s. (CUHK website) As profiled in several articles earlier on the website, many players in the once thriving HK enamelware industry in the 1950s-60s had either shut down or relocated their operations to West […]

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The construction of the HSBC building in Hong Kong

HSBC Building Steffy & Chan Detail Image 13

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) headquarters building, in Central, Hong Kong, took seven years to complete from concept to construction and has become not only the icon for the region’s largest bank but the city of Hong Kong itself. It’s the fourth HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong.(1) The new building was designed by the British architect Norman Foster and […]

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Russell & Company, in China 1824 to 1891

The Russell & Company Building (Built C.1885).

Russell & Company ( 旗昌洋行) was the largest and most important American trading house in Qing dynasty China from 1842 to its closing in 1891. Samuel Russell founded Russell & Company in Canton, China, in 1824. Dealing mostly in silks, teas and opium, Russell & Company prospered, and by 1842, it had become the largest American trading house in China. Russell withdrew from the company in 1836 and returned to […]

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Nan Kang Company trading agent

Nan Kang Company Advert HK Sunday Herald 29.10.1950

Nan Kang Company Ltd imported luxury American goods such as perfume, cosmetics, silk stockings and nail cutters for department stores in Central.(1) Source: Hong Kong Memory Project This article was first posted on 25th September 2018. Related Indhhk articles: K C Tsang & Company,人和行, trading agent Gande, Price & Company Ltd – Hong Kong agents and wine and spirits merchants […]

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Wang Kee(宏記) – A Century of Service in the Port of Hong Kong

Wang Kee Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Wang Kee(宏記) – A Century of Service in the Port of Hong Kong Left: Yeung Yam-hoo, the second generation leader of Wang Kee& Co (XianggangHuarenMingrenShilue, 1937); Right: Wang Kee& Co ad in a Chinese directory in the late 1940s (Xianggang Huaqiao TuantiChonghhui) Founded in 1905, Wang Kee& Co (“宏記公司” or “宏記辦館” which means Wang Kee Provisions) was a […]

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CLP – Hok Un (Yuen) Power Station 1921-1991 – updated

Additional information plus several images added. Special thanks to IDJ. Contributors: Amelia Allsop, HF and IDJ. Amelia kindly personally sent the two drawn images shown here and gave permission for other images to be used in this article. Amelia was, at that time, the Manager – Research and Business Communications, at the Hong Kong Heritage Project. In 1903 China Light […]

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Eastern Arts Lantern (東藝宮燈)

Eastern Arts Lantern Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Eastern Arts Lantern (東藝宮燈) Eastern Arts booth at the 1971 HK Products Expo. Source: HK Memory In the 1950s and 60s, HK industrialists leveraged the flexibility of plastic as a material and developed a wide variety of products ranging from toys, flowers, Christmas trees, buckets, plates to shoes and sandals and exported them all over the world. One […]

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