Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market – built 1913

HF: If you visit Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market during the day you may well think it’s closed, ready to be fenced off and facing imminent demolition. However, piled boxes of fruit on the surrounding streets and inside locked wire cages within indicate there’s life in the old place yet. If you want to see the market fully functioning […]

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Hakka Patterned Bands in Hong Kong – 1976 RASHKB article

Elizabeth L Johnson wrote an article about “Patterned Bands” in the New Territories which was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Volume 16, 1976. [HF: I have been unable to copy the Chinese characters which appear in the article.] The article begins: These notes on a form of peasant textiles are based on research conducted in Kwan […]

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Dickson and Hopson: the Tales of Two Handbag Companies

Dickson And Hopson, Two Handbags Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Dickson and Hopson: the Tales of Two Handbag Companies Dickson and Hopson are two players in the handbag business in Central with similar sounding names and over half a century of history but catering to two different segments – the earlier focused on the higher end clientele while the latter caters to the mass market with its own […]

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A water powered tilt-hammer incense mill

Further to Dan Waters article “A Joss-stick Mill in Tsuen Wan” published August 26 2013 Here is a photograph of a water powered tilt-hammer used in crushing the production of incense. It is taken from a 1952 book “Hong Kong” by Harold Ingrams published by her Majesty’s Stationary Office, London in 1952. The book contains a chapter on Hong Kong’s […]

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Yau Yue Commercial Bank (有餘商業銀行)

Yau Yue Commercial Bank Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: Yau Yue Commercial Bank (有餘商業銀行) Leaders of Yau Yue Commercial Bank at its opening ceremony in 1953 (WKYP, 1953-10-23) Founded in 1953, taken over by HSBC in 1966 and closed in 1969, Yau Yue Commercial Bank was one of the less covered Chinese-owned banks in the post-War era thanks to its smaller size and short history and the […]

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Phonographs, Gramophones and Record Companies in Hong Kong

HF: Can anyone provide further information about these aspects of the music industry in Hong Kong? I am especially interested in the history of record companies in Hong Kong HF: Chunny Bhamra lived on Lamma Island, Hong Kong for many years but moved to Melbourne, Australia with his family in about 2016. Chunny Bhamra: Gramophones and Phonographs were never really made […]

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Hongkong and China Gas Company gasometer explosion – expert evidence given at enquiry, newspaper article 1934

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article. This adds further information to our article  The Hongkong and China Gas Company Ltd – explosion 14th May 1934, from which the photograph below is taken. This article can found linked below. HF: I have retyped the article. Where I am not certain of the printed script I have indicated this uncertainty by […]

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The Bionomics of Pondfish Culture in the New Territories mid 1950s

IDJ + HF: This short report from the mid-1950s mentions: a) The different breeds of fish b) The levels these breeds feed at within the ponds c) The economic dynamics of photoplankton  as shown in this charming illustration  drawn by  Ip Tam Po The Bionomics of Pondfish Culture in the New Territories T Chow, Fisheries Research Unit, Dept of Zoology, […]

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Lee Hung-tong (李漢忠): Thai Chinese Trader, HK Industrialist and Singer

Lee Hung Tong Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Hung-tong (李漢忠): Thai Chinese Trader, HK Industrialist and Singer Trade between HK and Thailand had existed since the beginning of the colony and in fact the first trading firm in Nam Pak Hong was Yuen Fat Hong which was engaged in the Siam trade and firms that specialized in trading with Thailand are known as “Siam guilds” […]

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Bolinder marine diesel engines – connection to Ulderup and Schlüter Shipyard, Sham Shui Po

HF: Stephen Davies’ article, Ulderup and Schlüter Shipyard, Sham Shui Po c1900-1914, mentions that the shipyard became the local agents for the Swedish Bolinder marine diesels (Bolinder Rohölmotoren – strictly semi-diesels) – two strokes that for the first two decades of the 20th century were probably the world’s most common small marine diesels although most of their early output seems to have […]

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