AEC Regent V – Kowloon Bus Company buses 1960s

James Chan: The article, The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd – Timeline, got me thinking about KMB buses in the 1960s. I found this: 1954 Model introduced. The AEC Regent V was a front-engined double-decker bus built by the Associated Equipment Company between 1954 and 1969. The Regent V had AEC’s own frontal design and concealed radiator as standard, It was […]

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Hong Kong Air International Ltd – helicopter services – HK Flying Club article 1974

Hong Kong Air International HK Flying Club Mag 1974 Article Detail E IDJ

A BRIEF HISTORY OF HONG KONG AIR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Hong Kong Air, the Colony’s only commercial helicopter service, commenced operations in August 1970 and initially was based at the Flying Club. The Club made its hangar available to Hong Kong Air until the present hangar near the HAECO complex was completed. The first helicopters in the Hong Kong Air fleet […]

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Promotors (展勵) – the first manufacturer of television sets in Hong Kong

Promotors Image 2 Detail York Lo

York Lo: Promotors – the first manufacturer of television sets in Hong Kong Booth of the Promotors at the 29th HK Product Expo in 1971 featuring its TV sets. (HK Memory) 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of TVB and the launch of free wireless TV broadcasting in Hong Kong in 1967, which turned television from a limited media channel for a […]

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Harry Kin Hong Long – New Zealand, The HK & Yaumati Ferry Company and WW2

HF: Harry Kin Hong Long divided his life between New Zealand and Hong Kong. In the latter he worked for two companies, Kung Lee Steam Ship and HK and Yaumati Ferry. Julia Bradshaw has kindly given me permission to quote from her book Golden Prospects: Chinese on the West Coast of New Zealand. Julia is the Director of the Hokitika Museum, NZ. […]

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Chinese Preserved Ginger shipped through HK 1913

James Chan:This report is from The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 7th April 1913. It adds information to our other articles about ginger in HK. “There has been a general increase in the export of preserved and candied ginger from China during the past few years, the United States particularly showing a growing demand for this sweetmeat. Exports during the past […]

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Tattooing in Hong Kong

Nichloas II Emporer Of Russia Detail

HF: Apparently tattooing has been practiced across the globe since at least Neolithic times, as evidenced by mummified preserved skin, ancient art, and the archaeological record. When I was young it was most commonly seen on and associated with sailors and those in the military and I suppose general ne’er do wells but now appears de rigueur for teenagers. For […]

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The Kowloon Tram System – proposals and rejections 1901 to 1925

Tymon Mellor: In 1904, as the Hong Kong Island tram system was readying for operation, attention focused on the opposite side of the harbour on the development of a tram network for Kowloon. After many false starts, just when it seemed that work was about to start on a Kowloon tram network, the Government had a major change of approach […]

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Chas J. Gaupp & Company – Chronometer, Watch and Clock makers

Gaupp & Company B Detail From Unknown Source 1892 Www 925 Com

“It is interesting to note that as years go by the wants of the inhabitants of even the most distant parts of the world are steadily increasing, and while the older generations were satisfied with comparatively little in the way of luxuries, the rising generation look upon many of these luxuries as necessities. Perhaps one of the best examples in […]

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Pokfulam Reservoir – structures and declared monuments

Gauge Basin, Pokfulam Reservoir Courtesy Nicholas Kitto

HF: I have slightly adapted the script below from the original booklet. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the script. Pokfulam reservoir was the first reservoir in Hong Kong, and was completed in 1863 to provide a stable water supply to the City of Victoria. It was one of the first large scale infrastructure projects in the early days of colonisation. […]

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Bethlehem Knitting (百利恒織造廠) and Hing’s Underwear (興士牌)

Bethlehem Knitting Image 1 Detail York Lo

York Lo: Bethlehem Knitting (百利恒織造廠) and Hing’s Underwear (興士牌) Left: Hing’s print ad from the early 1970s. Right: actual package of Hing’s underwear From the 1950s to the 1970s, Hing’s was a popular local brand of cotton underwear manufactured by Bethlehem Knitting Factory.  Founded in 1950 by C.T. Shiu (邵之道), the firm moved into its current location at 483 Castle […]

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