Cable & Wireless telephone, cross-harbour cable cut, newspaper article 1949

Cable & Wireless Station Hung Hom Courtesy Gwulo

IDJ has sent this newspaper article from 1949.(1) Source: South China Morning Post 14th January 1949. This article was first posted on 3rd March 2021. Related Indhhk articles: The Hongkong Telephone Company, 1925 to 1933, Far Eastern Review article The demise of payphones in the MTR (and elsewhere) – the writing is literally on the wall Q+A31 Telephone Companies in […]

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The Hong Kong Society of Model & Experimental Engineers, 1984-1996, photographs

IDJ: In 1984 the Hong Kong Society of Model & Experimental Engineers (HKSMEE) was officially registered. The following photographs feature locomotives constructed by HKSMEE members. Regular meetings evolved that were later based at the United Services Recreation Club (USRC) in Kowloon. Discussions centred around members current and future projects, home machining/manufacturing problems, and the sourcing of materials in Hong Kong. ‘Experts?’ […]

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Wo Shing Company (和聲唱片): Leading Record Label from the 1930s to 1960s

Wo Shing Company Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Wo Shing Company (和聲唱片): Leading Record Label from the 1930s to 1960s Left: Robert Kotewall in 1941 (Harrison Forman Collection); Right: Wo Shing’s posthumousalbum for Siu Ming Sing after the War (review33) From the 1930s to the 1960s, Wo Shing Co Ltd was a leading local record label in Hong Kong and the firm was also responsible for […]

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Wong Man-keung (王文強, 1903-1976) and W.S. Sherly & Co (些厘洋行)

Wong Man Keung Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Wong Man-keung (王文強, 1903-1976) and W.S. Sherly & Co (些厘洋行) While Wong Man-keung and his W.S. Sherly & Co might be very low profile, the products which they acted as sole agent for in HK such as the malted drink Horlicks, Pepsodent toothpaste, Longines watches and Kleenex tissues are the opposite and his family is also connected to […]

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Andrew Wood biography – involvement in the repair of Hok Un power station at the end of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong

RAF Officers Attend The Anniversary Celebration Of The Goddess Of Mercy Celebration On 22 March 1946 From Graham Wood

Graham Wood has compiled this brief biography of his father Andrew Wood, who was involved in repairing Hok Un Power Station in Hong Kong at the end of the Japanese occupation during World War Two. Images and information about this can be seen in our article, Hok Un Power Station, post World War Two images, linked below. All the images […]

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Web-footed aeroplanes in Hong Kong And Macao

7 Web Footed Aeroplanes In Hong Kong And Macau

From IDJ, with many thanks to Yannis Baritakis, on Syros Island, Greece, for adapting IDJ’s original word document including images for inclusion on our website. Flights using seaplanes and float-planes between Hong Kong and Macao were not entirely unknown after de Ricou’s Macao Aerial Transport Company in the 1920s failed to continue with the project due to interference and indifference […]

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Luen Yick Knitting (聯益織造)

Luen Yick Knitting Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Luen Yick Knitting (聯益織造) Article about Luen Yick’s IPO on 1973 (WKYP, 1973-4-25) Founded in 1940, Luen Yick Knitting was one of the leading knitwear manufacturers in the 1950s and 1960s and went public in 1973 as Luen Yick Manufacturing & Property. Luen Yick founder Chan Luen-fun (陳聯芬, 1907-1974)has the exact same Chinese name as a KMT official […]

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Ping Shan – proposed airport for Hong Kong

IDJ: When Hong Kong was liberated in September 1945, one of the military groups diverted to assist restoring the city’s electricity, gas and water utilities and railway was the Royal Air Force’s No. 5358 Airfield Construction Wing that was part of Shield Force. This fleet of Royal Navy Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers plus their support ships were transporting 3000 airman […]

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Blackhead Point, Signal Hill, TST – FJB Schwarzkopf and Blackhead & Co connection

HF: Blackhead Point (黑頭山, lit. “black head hill”), also known as Tai Pau Mai (大包米), Tsim Sha Tsui Point or Signal Hill ( 訊號山), was a cape before land reclamation in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It remains as a small hill almost hidden away behind Chungking Mansions. The industrial connection? Blackhead Point was named after a German businessman in Hong Kong, Friedrich Johan Bertold Schwarzkopf, (also […]

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Kar Cheung Chong Bank (嘉彰莊銀行)

Kar Cheung Chong Bank Image 1 York

York Lo: Kar Cheung Chong Bank (嘉彰莊銀行) Founded in 1911 and operated out of the Nam Pak Hong district, Kar Cheung Chong Bank was a Chinese banking firm in HK and affiliate of Tan Peng Choon Banking Co in Thailand and Swatow which played a key role in the trade and remittance between HK, Swatow and Thailand for decades before […]

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