Roy Farrell, co-founder of Cathay Pacific Airways, obituary

Roy Farrell Waves From The Cockpit Of Betsy In 1948

  Roy Farrell co-founded one of Asia’s most successful airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, with the Australian Sydney de Kantzow and was one of the first Westerners to recognize the post-war potential of China as a trading partner. An American from Texas, he had originally intended to establish a trading company supplying China with badly needed goods at the end of […]

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Shanghainese Builders in HK (Part Six) – Ahong and Chinney

Shanghainese Builders 6 York Lo Detail James Wong Centre Of Ahong Signing The Shun Hing Group As An Electrical Subcontractor For The Gloucester Tower Project

York Lo: Shanghainese Builders in HK (Part Six) – Ahong and Chinney Ahong and Chinney are two Shanghainese builders in Hong Kong who trace their roots back to pre-War Shanghai and are controlled by two families which share the same last name – Wong.  Ahong followed the interesting path of moving first from Shanghai to British Malaya in the 1930s […]

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Death of Andrew Harper, Wallace Harper & Co, distributor of Ford automobiles in Hong Kong.

Andrew Harper Image

HF: IDJ has kindly sent the following newspaper article. I have retyped the original article to aid clarity and site searches: MR. A. HARPER DEAD Well-Known Figure We regret to record the death of Mr. Andrew Harper which occurred at his residence in Kowloon yesterday. Mr. Harper came to the Colony in 1922 as a mining engineer, but returned to […]

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Eternal Fortune and Fame – The 140 Year old Saga of Chinese Winemaker Wing Lee Wai (永利威)

WING LEE Wai Winemaker Bottles Of Wine In Front Of The Portrait Of Founder Wong Sing Hui York Loss

York Lo: Eternal Fortune and Fame – The 140 Year old Saga of Chinese Winemaker Wing Lee Wai (永利威)  With an auspicious Chinese name which stands for “eternal fortune and fame”, the 140 year old Wing Lee Wai is one of the oldest businesses in Hong Kong, operating out of its base at 124 Wing Lok Street in Sheung Wan […]

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Hong Kong Artificial Flower Works, San Po Kong, location of the start of the 1967 riots

Duncan Tong (唐鼎康) died a few years ago aged 103. He was a pioneer of the plastic flowers industry and owned the Hong Kong Artificial Flower Works in San Po Kong (and apparently not Li Ka-Shing as is often incorrectly reported) where the 1967 riots started. “The political struggle between the colonial government and the leftist camp started in a […]

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The Beacon Hill Tunnel: The culmination of a grand engineering feat, 1931 newspaper article

Beacon Hill Tunnel (South Portal) 1909

Many thanks to IDJ for sending in the following newspaper article. HF: I have retyped the original article to aid clarity and searches on the website. Thanks to SCT for proof reading the retyped copy of the original article. THE CULMINATION OF A GRAND ENGINEERING FEAT THE BEACON HILL TUNNEL REPATRIATED CHINESE MINERS ENTER MALARIAL DISTRICT BRITISH PLUCK TRIUMPHS (By […]

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Millie’s (妙麗)– the Iconic Handbag and Shoes Brand  

Millies Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Millie’s (妙麗)– the Iconic Handbag and Shoes Brand Left: the iconic Millie’s neon sign on Nathan Road at night; Right: Millie’s founder Alan Lau on the cover of Economic Digest at the height of his success in 1982 In the 1970s and early 1980s, Millie’s was the leading handbag and shoes manufacturer and retailer in Hong Kong. Its […]

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V C Labrum, Proprietor of Ye Olde Printerie, founded in 1923

V C Labrum

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article… HF: I have retyped the original article to aid clarity and searches. I would welcome any information about (or images of) Ye Olde Printerie. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped version. Hong Kong Personalities MR. V.C.LABRUM This is the ninety-second of the exclusive series of sketches of leading Colony residents by Mr. […]

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George P Lammert & Company – Auctioneers

Lammert, George P Detail Image 20th Century Impressions

“This is the oldest established auctioneering firm in the Colony. It was founded by Mr. Geo. R. Lammert, the father of the present partners, and, for upwards of forty years residents in Hongkong have been accustomed to go to Lammert’s sale rooms for bargains of all descriptions. A special feature is made of selling goods to the Chinese, and the […]

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