The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group

Sep 022015
Film Studios, Hong Kong - dates, locations, layout, founders...

Hugh Farmer: If you can add further information on these or other studios please add a comment or email me directly: at indhhk at gmail dot com.  Thanks to IDJ for informing me about the website, linked below, from which I have added to our initial information. Source (1). HF: Philip Edward Kenny who runs the absorbing website about HK film locations, hongkongandmacacufilmstuff , linked below, kindly posted a comment in response to the article, A Brief History of [Read More…]

Sep 022015
A Brief History of Hong Kong Cinema to 1988 - Film Studios and Personalities

HF: Paul Fonoroff, well known Hong Kong film critic and historian, wrote, A Brief History of Hong Kong Cinema. I believe it was published in 1988, in Renditions, a literary magazine published by the Research Centre for Translation (RCT) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The copy of the article I link below comes from CUHK library. Of particular interest to us, I think, is where film studios are mentioned, which is where of course films [Read More…]

Sep 012015
Chak Wai Leung - HK photographer of the "common people"

HF: Chak Wai Leung was born in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, in 1942. In 1959 he became a civil servant in the Hong Kong Government where he worked for over thirty three years. “Chak Wai Leung was born in a scholarly family. He was well versed in photography and darkroom operations even as a teenager. While persuing the art of photography, he also writes articles for newspapers and photography magazines, and has acquired great skills in [Read More…]

Aug 312015
Hong Kong Industry during World War One

HF:  This is an initial attempt to analyse the impact of World War One on industry in Hong Kong. Germans and German companies and their staff were affected of course, From late October 1914, all German women and children were expelled, German businesses were wound up and German men of serving age were interned, first on Stonecutters Island and later at a special internment camp in Hung Hom. I believe some were even transported to Australia. [Read More…]

Aug 302015
Lin Ma Hang Lead Mine - WW2 reports/letters added

Hugh Farmer: New information in red This brief history of the Lin Ma Hang Lead Mine does not attempt to cover the geology or mineralogy of the area or mine, nor details of the mine workings. For a very full account, which includes this information plus photographs, and further references, try The Story of Lin Ma Hang Mine as shown in Source 1 below. Lead was discovered in the Ling Ma Hang/Sha Tau Kok area in the 1860s. [Read More…]