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Apr 282015
Tea in China, HK Naturalist article 1931

HF: It is worth looking at the Hong Kong Naturalist – “a quarterly illustrated journal principally for Hong Kong and South China” which was published from Jan 1930 until Feb 1941. The  journal contain articles on a variety of subjects of interest to us including, oysters, Kowloon waterworks, agriculture in the New Territory [sic] and a couple of mountains where mines are mentioned. …and tea. The article linked below appeared in The HK Naturalist  Vol 2 No 2 May [Read More…]

Apr 282015
Development of Hong Kong Road Network 1841 to 1940

The development of the Hong Kong road network has allowing the territory to expand and develop into the sophisticated city it now is. From the arrival of the British to Hong Kong in 1841, construction of new roads commenced almost immediately and continues to this day. The first road to be built was Queens Road, starting in May, 1841 the network of existing lanes and paths was utilised for the route and a new road [Read More…]

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Apr 272015
Ying Mee and Yue Mou tea companies - information needed

HF: Can anyone supply further details about either of these Hong Kong tea companies? Or about other companies in this trade in Hong Kong? Especially Hong Kong grown tea – see Traditional Tea Growing in the New Territories, linked below. I am intrigued by the term”processed in HK’ in the Ying Mee advert. Does this mean just packaged or  that it was actually wilted, rolled, dried, fired, aged etc here? Related Indhhk articles:  Traditional Tea [Read More…]

Apr 252015
Ah King's Shipyard during the Occupation 1942-1945 plus company locations

Elizabeth Ride: Ah King´s  Shipyard, Map ref 22485404.     BAAG reports: Ah King´s Shipyard in Causeway Bay forms part of the No 2 Branch of the Lamma Shipyard.  About 150 workmen are employed on the construction and repair of what are reported as MTBs.  Two of these craft were completed between July 1943 and December 1944, but as no torpedo tubes are carried “MTB” is probably a misnomer.  Other small vessels, such as launches, have also [Read More…]

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Apr 242015
Tuen Mun - "From Ancient Port to City of the Future", 1982 account

IDJ has sent this monograph of the dramatic changes that occurred in Tuen Mun in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It starts rather gloomily, “Castle Peak, in reality a string of scattered settlements along the shoreline of the Bay, a straggle of ramshackle squatter huts pushing up the creek of the Tuen Mun river…” Extracted from: Tuen Mun – From Ancient Port to City of [the] Future, VFS Sit and A Birch, Pub: HK [Read More…]