The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group

Jul 052015
A History of Telephone Companies in Hong Kong - information wanted pre WW2

HF: A new subject for the website. Can you fill out this minimalistic skeleton up to 1931? In true wikipedia-style verification is needed… 1882 the first manual telephone exchange was opened by a company named the Oriental Telephone and Electric Company unknown date: the Oriental Telephone and Electric Company was later renamed the China and Japan Telephone and Electric Company 1925  and in this year was renamed the Hong Kong Telephone Company (HKTC). 1930 Hong Kong Telephone [Read More…]

Jul 052015
HK Industry during and immediately after World War Two - Utilities

Hugh Farmer, IDJ and Elizabeth Ride. Electricity 1943 Aug “By August the coal stocks were exhausted. The power stations could no longer supply electricity, industrial activity ground to a halt and the colony was plunged into darkness as soon as night fell” (Snow) China Light and Power Hok Un Power Station Elizabeth Ride: An undated British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report made during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, WW2 BAAG KWIZ#75 17.11.44 IDJ has [Read More…]

Jul 052015
World War Two -1945 BAAG report on occupied Hong Kong - motor bus services

Elizabeth Ride has sent a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report from 1st March 1945, An Outline of Conditions in Occupied Hong Kong which was compiled in early 1945 for use by the Civil Affairs Committee which was to take on the rehabilitation of HK after the planned allied invasion. HF: The report is lengthy so I am going to divide it up into separate articles. Here, motor bus services…   Further information: For general information about [Read More…]

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Jul 042015
The Nam Jam Factory Ltd - Sham Shui Po

HF: Nam Jam Factory, a manufacturer of torches (not boiled fruit and sugar) was set up in Hong Kong in 1928 and subsequently opened a branch factory in Canton. First some background information about pre-WW2 industries extracted from the HK Memory Project – The Origins of the Hong Kong metal industry. “The metal industry of Hong Kong started budding in the 1920s. Many entrepreneurs from Guangzhou came to set up factories in Hong Kong. Before [Read More…]

Jul 032015
Admiralty Floating Dock No.18 - in HK 1945 to 1955

Stephen Davies: The rectangle marked ‘floating dock’ in the chart below, moored with six anchors (important to keep the beast firmly in position when moving ships in and out with the dock flooded down) is Admiralty Floating Dock (AFD) No.18. The chart was issued by the UK Hydrographic Office in their emergency issue of updated charts in September 1949. AFD No.18 was in Hong Kong from 1945 to 1955 to assist all the small craft needed in [Read More…]