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Oct 132015
Fung Keong (1891-1973) - King of Rubber Shoes

By York Lo For almost half a century stretching from the 1920s to the 1960s, the most popular casual footwear brand in Asia was Fung Keong (馮強). First manufactured in Canton in 1920, and later in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Fung Keong rubber sole canvas shoes had massive appeal during those years of economic hardship due to its affordability and are permanently etched in the collective memory of those who grew up in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia during [Read More…]

Oct 112015
Alexander Ross, Wanchai Shipyard owner, 1865

HF: “A number of men, mainly from the north of Britain and Scotland, laid the foundations for technology in Hong Kong by their enterprise in the shipbuilding and repairing business. One of the earlier men was Alexander Ross of Glasgow who worked as a foreman in Stephen Prentis Hall’s yard. Hall is said to be the father of Sin Tak Fan who in his turn fathered generations of Eurasians, many of whom now lie at [Read More…]

Oct 102015
Q + A 28 Mystery industrial building on Tsing Yi - paint factory?

Our article, Hong Kong Paint manufacturing companies – from early 1930s, includes a possible paint factory on Tsing Yi island. Billy Clarke wrote to the Indhhk Group in May 2015 asking if we had any information about this location and what was manufactured there. He linked a HK Urbex series of photos and a video, (taken, I think, in June 2014), of a number of buildings at the site which he had found on the [Read More…]

Oct 092015
Ceramics Factory/Brick Works, Tuen Mun - clarification needed

Tymon Mellor: Looking at some old mapping of Tuen Mun I noted a ceramics factory in the area, see below This looks quite a factory as the mapping indicates rails, so I suspect it is more likely to be a brick works that is mentioned in the early alignment studies (1905) for the KCRC: “There is one brick works in the New Territory [sic], namely that at Castle Peak which exports bricks of an inferior quality [Read More…]

Oct 072015
World War Two -1945 BAAG report on occupied Hong Kong - [Green Island] cement works

Elizabeth Ride has sent a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report from 1st March 1945, An Outline of Conditions in Occupied Hong Kong which was compiled in early 1945 for use by the Civil Affairs Committee which was to take on the rehabilitation of HK after the planned allied invasion. HF: The report is lengthy so I am going to divide it up into separate articles. Here, Green Island Cement Works… Can anyone come up with an [Read More…]

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