The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group

Mar 292015
Pearl Cultivation - Tai Po Sea (Tolo Harbour)

HF: At one time Hong Kong was home to a thriving pearl cultivation industry which appears to have been initially centred on Tolo Harbour. “Tai Po was the centre of the local pearl industry. As far as we know, pearls were first collected from the nearby sea in AD 761 during the fourth year of […]

Mar 282015
John 'Jock' Inglis - General Manager, Hume Pipe (Far East) Ltd, Hong Kong,

Amelia Allsop, Collections and Research Manager at The Hong Kong Heritage Project has kindly sent this extract from the quarterly Newsletter Past & Present Issue 13. Part of the Newsletter is about  The Peninsula Hotel, which started life as an up-market transport hotel serving passengers arriving both by railway and ship. The HK Industrial History connection? Jock […]

Mar 262015
WW2 Poultry Farms during the Japanese occupation

ER: BAAG Report – KWIZ #71, 20.10.44. Related Indhhk articles:  World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – Dairy supplies in occupied HK The Hong Kong Fishing Industry during World War Two – on the trail of Amakusa Marine A selection of Indhhk articles about HK agriculture and fisheries: Australian cattle to Hong Kong – 1845 […]

Mar 242015
Plover Cove Reservoir - 1977 Water Supplies Dept report

HF: In 1977 (?) the Water Supplies Department published a report publicizing the construction of  Plover Cove reservoir which had been officially opened in January 1969, though the height of the dams was subsequently raised, this being completed in 1973. Two stages are covered. The first included the Shatin Treatment Works, the Lower Shing Mun reservoir, […]

Mar 232015
Cheoy Lee Shipyard, Penny's Bay, Lantau 1964-2001

HF: Cheoy Lee Shipyard operated at Penny’s Bay, Lantau from 1964 to April 2001. The company was founded in 1870 in Shanghai by the Lo family. In 1936 when the Japanese Imperial Army [invaded China] the yard was moved to British-controlled Hong Kong, where the Lo family thought the yard would be safe. But the Japanese […]