Kwok Acheong – owner of ex-P&O Steamship works Hong Kong 1854

HMS Nemesis

HF: The first Query and Answers, Kwok Acheong + P&O connection, linked below, sought further information about his taking over the ‘shipwright and engineering department’ from the P&O Steamship Company in 1854 in Hong Kong and says I can find nothing about this particular subject: where was the Dept, what particularly did it do and what happened to it post Kwok Acheong? Can anyone provide some […]

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Henry Bridges Endicott and The China Navigation Co. – early Swire days in China – Part One

China Navigation Co, HB Endicott a SwireNews IDJ photo B&S shipping staff

The China Navigation Company’s parent company, John  Swire & Sons Limited, had its origins in a small Liverpool trading house founded in 1816. In 1866, John Samuel Swire (1825-1898) opened his first Far Eastern agency in Shanghai, and in 1872 he founded The China Navigation Company to operate a modest fleet of paddle steamers on China’s Yangtze River. IDJ has […]

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Jan Hendrik Marsman 1892-1956, connection to Needle Hill Tungsten Mine

Jan Hendrik Marsman photo

HF: Jan Hendrik Marsman, was born in 1892 in the Netherlands and died in 1956, I think in the Philippines. He was known as Hank to his friends. He started his working life as an engineer and later developed extensive business interests in the Philippines. Marsman is of interest to us because he became involved, through his company Marsman Hong […]

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Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company, founded 1904 – initial notes

Nanyang Brothers Tobacco, undated postcard of factory flikr IDJ

HF: Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company was founded in 1904. At least in Hong Kong.  This undated postcard, sent by IDJ, would appear to show its Hong Kong factory shortly after. I am presuming the white building on the right is not part of the works until corrected. Adapted: “Nanyang Brothers Tobacco (short for “NBT”)is the largest cigarette manufacturer in Hong […]

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Tai Hing Knitting Factory

Tai Hing Knitting Factory advert 1948-9 HK Memory Project snipped.

Mak Ho Ying has kindly translated the advert below: 1st row large-size text “Tai Hing Knitting Factory” 2nd row text “High quality products ★ considerate pricing” 3rd row text: this is to highlight the three brands of knitwear and the yarn socks “Pineapple Brand” “Durian Brand knitwear” “Scissors Brand” “Stylish yarn socks” Last row text: The factory’s address “No. 275 […]

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Mayar Silk Mills (HK) Ltd, Tsuen Wan – company compound derelict for many years

Maya Silk Mills a

James Chan: Hughie D, Veteran Member of has posted a piece about this company on its website. This was posted in July 2015. Hughie says: “This place is a bit of a strange one. This old silk mill is in the middle of Tsuen Wan…and must represent very valuable real estate. I remember passing this place a number of […]

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Marsman Hong Kong (China) Ltd – Needle Hill Tungsten Mine during 1938-1951?

Japanese Kowloon

New information in red. Our article Needle Hill Tungsten Mine has the following extract: “This abandoned mine is situated on the southern slopes of Needle Hill between Upper Shing Mun reservoir and Tai Wai. It was among the largest mining operations Hong Kong has seen, [and certainly its biggest Tungsten Mine]. The deposit was discovered in 1935 by a civil […]

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Construction and Opening of Shek Pik Reservoir, rare French film 1962

Shek Pik Reservoir French film snipped c

Rico Lee: Just encountered a rare short documentary about  “French technology in the Far East” on featuring an aluminum production plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, construction of Shek Pik Reservoir, and the Jatiluhur Dam in Indonesia. All the result of French involvement. The Shek Pik-related part was clipped and reposted by Save Lantau Alliance to rally support against development of Lantau Island. […]

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