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Aug 032015
The German Speaking Community in Hong Kong 1846-1918 - Part Two

HF: Vol. 34 of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch published in 1994 contains a lengthy article about German speakers in Hong Kong and of the companies they were involved in. It was written by Carl Smith. I am familiar with only a small number of these companies and even fewer of those persons working for them. I don’t think most were what we could describe as industrial, in that they [Read More…]

Aug 032015
Francesco de Pinedo - Italian aviator - lands in HK 1925

HF: Added information “Another adventurer was the Neapolitan aviator, Francesco de Pinedo (1890-1933) who, in 1925, landed his Savioa S-16ter two-seater hydroplane (nicknamed Gennariello) in Hong Kong harbour.|Engineer Ernesto Campanelli from Oristano was his co-pilot. After Hong Kong they flew on to Shanghai, Japan and Australia before returning to Rome landing on the Tiber River. It was truly a remarkable expedition, considering that their seaplane had an open cockpit and a compass as its only on-board [Read More…]

Aug 022015
William C Jack & Company Ltd

HF: There are a number of companies with similar names. William C Jack & Company Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, was incorporated in Hong Kong on 19th April 1907 and dissolved on 26th June 1953. William Jacks & Company Ltd   William Jacks & Co (Hong Kong) Ltd was incorporated on 25th April 1964 and (possibly) dissolved on 31st August 2007. William Jacks (China) Ltd was incorporated on 28th June 1985. With thanks to DLS.

Aug 022015
Tung Tai Shipbuilding Yard during the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride has sent this brief extract from BAAG Intelligence Summaries written during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, World War Two and an accompanying sketch of the yard. Apologies for the legibility of the sketch key. The Tung Tai Shipbuilding Yard at Causeway Bay, together with Ah King´s Shipyard nearby, form the No 2 Branch of the Lamma Shipyard.  Construction and repair of wooden auxiliary vessels are undertaken here.  Between July and November 1944, [Read More…]

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Aug 022015
Pearl Cultivation - Tai Po Sea (Tolo Harbour)

HF: At one time Hong Kong was home to a thriving pearl cultivation industry which appears to have been initially been centred on Tolo Harbour. “Tai Po was the centre of the local pearl industry. As far as we know, pearls were first collected from the nearby sea in AD 761 during the fourth year of the reign of the Tang emperor, Hoi Yuen. He established a monopoly on the pearl industry and, in AD [Read More…]