Aug 272014
Kowloon Walled City - a book, an RAS article, an SCMP article, films and Kawasaki...

HF: The extraordinary Kowloon Walled City had been completely demolished by April 1994. Here are a selection of sources from which to gather an insight into the settlement, its residents and what went on inside what was reputed to have been the most densely populated [...]

Aug 252014
HK Industry during World War Two - Transport

New information in red An image from ER  - Tricycles, goods An image and information from FCM – Horse drawn carriages Contributors: PC Philip Cracknell HF Hugh Farmer IDJ FCM Fung Chi Ming CM Craig Mitchell ER Elizabeth Ride LT Lawrence Tsui Buses Fanling Golf Course [...]

Aug 232014
World War Two - BAAG reports -  Batch 3 - HSBC lions, Tricycle taxis, Industrial companies and much more...

Elizabeth Ride has sent a further sample of British Army Aid Group reports sent during during the Japanese occupation of HK in WW2. HF: There are many industrial references including companies, factories, transport, utilties… I have given each file Elizabeth sent a new name, dates [...]