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May 282015
Cross harbour road tunnel - link to planning of Shing Mun reservoir, late 1920s?

AC wrote a comment following the article, Cross Harbour bridge proposal – road 1901, tram 1920s. “There were suggestions (not detailed proposals) during the planning of the Shing Mun Reservoir scheme to construct a road tunnel together with the cross harbour pipeline, much like the first Lion Rock Tunnel for the Plover Cove scheme. It was however not taken forward.” AC adds,” I came across this last summer at the UK’s National Archives in London. [Read More…]

May 272015
Possible new Hong Kong Mines - 1970s

Tymon Mellor: In the late 1960’s the HK Government commissioned a comprehensive geological survey of Hong Kong, to establish and document the territories geology. The Geological Survey of Hong Kong, was undertaken between 1967-1969, and published in 1971. The report was prepared by the Overseas Division of the Institute of Geological Science, working for the Ministry of Overseas Development (London) and the HK Government. In addition to the published document, a study was also undertaken [Read More…]

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May 262015
Ping Shan - proposed airport for Hong Kong

By IDJ  When Hong Kong was liberated in September 1945, one of the military groups diverted to assist restoring the city’s electricity, gas and water utilities and railway was the Royal Air Force’s No. 5358 Airfield Construction Wing that was part of Shield Force. This fleet of Royal Navy Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers plus their support ships were transporting 3000 airman and all the equipment and machinery needed to construct airfields on islands close to [Read More…]

May 252015
The Vitasoy Story

By Linda Kernan The history of the soybean and its byproducts stretches back more than 3,000 years in China. The humble soybean was known as the “Cow of China” because it was the main source of protein for the Chinese people. It took a local man, however, to spot the potential of the little bean and transform it into the most popular drink in Hong Kong today.  Amazingly, its Tuen Mun factory churns out 540,000 [Read More…]

May 242015
The Hong Kong Printing Press - Pedro D'Alcantara Xavier (1886-1952)

HF: The Hong Kong Printing Press seems to have operated from 1888 to 1980 according to the website linked below dedicated to the company. The site appears to have been researched by descendants of family members who were involved in the company for several generations. I would like to hear from anyone contributing to the website linked below. I have had difficulty leaving a comment indicating that I am extracting material to be used in [Read More…]