Reiss Bradley (泰和洋行) – the Forgotten Hong

Reiss Bradley The Forgotten Hong Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Reiss Bradley (泰和洋行) – the Forgotten Hong Left: Article about the formation of Reiss Bradley in 1936 (HK Telegraph, 1936-6-30); Right: Reiss Brothers warehouse on Quay Street in Manchester, UK (Manchester Libraries) In an earlier Q+A on the website questions were raised about the origins of Reiss Bradley, which was the parent company of Far East Flying School […]

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Pao Hsing Cotton Mill(寶星紡織廠)

Pao Hsing Cotton Mill Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Pao Hsing Cotton Mill(寶星紡織廠) 7 story Pao Hsing Mill – the largest cotton mill in Kwai Chung in 1961 (HKU Libraries) While Pao Hsing Cotton Millmight not have been one of the largest and best-known cotton mills in HK, it was a notable firm in the history of HK cotton spinners for several reasons – its unusual origin […]

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Great South Fishing Industries (廣南漁業)

Great South Fishing Industries Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Great South Fishing Industries (廣南漁業) Great South Fishing chairman Chan Shu-woon (right) as head of the Tak Ming schools and president of Tak Ming Alumni Association presenting Parker pens to association staff (Facebook) In the 1950s and early 1960s, Great South Fishing Industries Ltd was the largest commercial fishing company in Hong Kong. Incorporated in November 1949, the […]

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Can you help the group…?

We now have over 1,400 articles posted on the website. I wonder if you could spare a little time to help the site develop. Maybe an hour or two each month? A number of people already do. Contributors of course – both articles and comments. Malcolm Morris and Yannis Baritakis behind the scenes with site administration. Translators.  Those retyping articles. […]

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From Bicycles to Lamps and Stoves: Union Metal Works (合衆五金廠) and the two illustrious families behind the firm

Union Metal Works Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: From Bicycles to Lamps and Stoves: Union Metal Works (合衆五金廠) and the two illustrious families behind the firm   Left: 1962 Unimet ad showing its entire line of SOLAR brand products; Right: Unimetlampmade in 1965 Union Metal Works (aka Unimet) was one of the leading manufacturers of pressure lanterns in HK alongside World-Light, Glory, Lea Hin and Chung […]

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Morrison Hill Quarry

Morrison Hill Quarry From Joseph Yen Article York Lo

York Lo’s recently posted article, Tracing Roots: Joseph Yen (嚴錫榮), post-war chairman of Marsman HK China and the father in the book Falling Leaves, contains the following: Earlier on the Group’s website there were several articles about the Dutch American mining magnate from the Philippines – J.H. Marsman and his firm Marsman HK China Ltd (馬士文公司) which operated the Needle […]

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Charcoal burning in Hong Kong, 1971 RASHKB article

James Hayes has kindly given permission for several of his articles published by the Royal Asiatic Society (HK Branch) to be posted on our website. Here he writes about Charcoal Burning in Hong Kong which was included by the RASHKB in its Journal Volume 11, 1971. James mentions several locations where charcoal was produced, namely:- Kwun Tong Lamma Island Tong […]

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