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Sha Lo Wan Mine

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Dec 192014
Sha Lo Wan Mine

Mining for Wolframite at Sha Lo Wan started in late 1951 and by March, 1952 around 700 miners, growing to 1500 were working the hillsides on North Lantau. After an initial find in a gully on a weathered outcrop, the miners started digging tunnels to […]

Dec 172014
Q + A 22 Far Eastern Prospecting And Development Corporation, Sha Lo Wan mine late1950s

HF: The book Hong Kong Landscapes: Shaping the Barren Rock,  Bernie Owen and Raynor Shaw, Hong Kong University Press, 2007, mentions the Far Eastern Prospecting and Development Corporation. It says in the 1950s this company started large scale workings in the Sha Lo Wan area just […]