The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group

Apr 012015
Vianini Lavori SpA - general contractor High Island Reservoir

Rico Lee + HF: HK: (1) Vianini Lavori SpA is an Italian company with a history of involvement in large construction projects including several in Hong Kong. It is a subsidiary of Caltagirone and I think has operated since 1890, though I unsure which of these companies commenced operations in that year. HF: (2) The […]

Mar 312015
Industrial districts - Tuen Mun

This article is the result of several people’s research  into industrial development, manufacturing,  quarrying (with a connection to aviation) , utilities and other related topics in Tuen Mun district. If you can provide information on any of the subjects below, or add to the list, it would be good to hear from you. I can […]

Mar 312015
27 Q+A Village Vehicles (VVs) - made where?

Vicky Chan, Lamma resident, asks where Village Vehicles, more usually known as VVs (though there are apparently VWs) are made. She suggests they are so simple in design that the answer must be somewhere in Hong Kong. Is she right? And if so where exactly? They are found on Lamma, Cheung Chau Islands (and Peng […]