The Lockhart Report 1898 – fascinating glimpse of NT industry – photo of Stewart Lockhart on tour

Hugh Farmer: JH Stewart Lockhart was Colonial Secretary in Hong Kong from 1895-1902. He wrote a report to the Colonial Office in London, reporting on “The New Territory” . This followed “The Convention between Great Britain and China respecting an Extension of the Colony of Hong Kong.” The report was published on the 8th Oct 1898. Paul Onslow has sent this […]

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Sandalwood Mills in Tsuen Wan – 1976 RASHKB article

James Hayes wrote a short article about Sandal Wood Mills in Tsun [sic] Wan, which was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Volume 16, 1976. The article, to be found in the Notes and Queries section begins: The following extracts from various publications relate to this now almost forgotten but long established local industry, located […]

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Long Distance Telephone Service established between Hongkong and Canton, The Far Eastern Review October 1931

Long Distance Telephone Service Image 3

HF: Peter Crush has sent this article extracted from the Far Eastern Review of October 1931. HF: I have retyped the original version to aid clarity and searches. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped version shown here. A new era of rapid telephone communication in China began on September 1, when long  distance telephone service was established between the […]

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Pathé film – Kai Tak airport terminal building opening 1962

HF: This Pathé film shows the opening of the new one million pound Kai Tak terminal building on the 2nd November 1962. The film includes an aerial view of the new runway extending out into Kowloon bay. A Comet Four aircraft coming in across the Bay to land on the runway. The plane as it is taxiing along the runway and […]

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Oyster Beds of the Wang Chau area, Yuen Long

IDJ: The Wang Chau oyster beds spread along the Yuen Long Creek and also along its mouth in the shallow Deep Bay. They are owned by Lam Uk Tsuen, one of the six villages in the Wang Chau area. The oysters are reared at all times of the year. From November to April the oysters of Lam Uk Tsuen are […]

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Plover Cove Reservoir – 50th anniversary of relocation of residents from Sam Mun Tsai

Photograph of Sam Mun Tsai added. HF: On 2nd March 2015 the SCMP published an article, Hong Kong villagers keep memories of home lost to reservoir afloat. In July 1965 the 400 residents of Sam Mun Tsai were relocated, (the article uses the term ‘evicted’), from their fishing village during the construction of Plover Cove Reservoir which was carried out from […]

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Ho Hung Yee – umbrella maker and repairer for 70 years, Peel Street, Central

HF: The SCMP of 26th July 2015 carried a report about the death of Ho Hung Yee who ran an umbrella stand on at the top end of Peel Street for decades. The article begins…”A fixture of the Central street scene dubbed the “Umbrella Man” for the decades he spent helping Hongkongers stay dry has died at the age of […]

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Shing Mun Reservoir, expert visits and prepares report on problem with the dam, 1937

Shing Mun Dam Problem Image, HK Sunday Herald 14.11.37 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following newspaper report about a perceived problem with the Shing Mun Reservoir Dam in 1937. The image shown on the Home Page of our article accompanied the original newspaper article, and is not, as you might have thought, a pre-war example of modern art but an attempt at illustrating the “dislodgment of masonry at numerous points” […]

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The Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) Part 3 – the construction of Kowloon Station

Tymon Mellor: At the turn of the 19th century, railways and steam ships were changing the world and demanding new infrastructure to support them. With the construction of the Kowloon-Canton Railway – British Section in full swing, attention turned to the location of the terminus station in Kowloon. There were many competing requirements for the location; resulting in the site […]

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RAF Shatin Airfield – Headquarters, Part One

RAF Shatin Airfield HQ Image 3 Peter Howell

Peter Howell has kindly sent the following introduction and images. If you wish to know more about Peter’s involvement in the Shatin Airfield and life there please see our RAF Shatin Airfield articles linked below. HF: I was a little confused as to whether the name of the building and compound at RAF Shatin Headquarters was Arcullis House or Camp. […]

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