Industrial districts – North Point – aerial image 1948

IDJ has sent this aerial photo of  North Point taken in 1948. He says, “It shows a large oil tanker unloading at what is presumably “Oil Street” which still exists, and the large oil storage tanks further over about where the Fortress Hill MTR Station is. Also a reservior can be seen at the top of the slope above North Point. It would appear that squatter huts heavily populated the slopes above North Point/Causeway Bay even in 1948.”

Hong Kong Electric Company In 1919, the Hong Kong Electric Company started operation of its second power station at North Point.

North Point power station was located on Electric Road in North Point near Fortress Hill to the west side of where City Garden housing estate is now located. It was built to replace the inadequate Wan Chai power station and was owned by Hongkong Electric.

As Hong Kong developed, North Point Power Station was gradually assimilated into the urban area. In 1968, the plant’s adverse effect on the local environment led to Hong Kong Electric building a new power station at Ap Lei Chau. North Point was officially decommissioned in 1978. The former power station is now part of the large scale City Garden housing development.

  1. North_Point-1948-HKE_power_station-oil_tanker_unloading-oil_tankfarms-reservior_top_of_hill

HF: I thought it would be a good idea to start individual posts on industrial areas of Hong Kong. The first was Yau Tong linked below.

This article was first posted on 30th November 2014.

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