Industrial Districts – Sai Kung

This article is the result of several people’s research into industrial development and other related topics in Sai Kung district.

If you can provide information on any of the subjects below, or add to the list, it would be good to hear from you. I can then gradually add to this framework to provide a  fuller picture with an acknowledgment of your contribution.

Sai Kung district covers the area shown on the map below and includes Sai Kung town itself, neighbouring islands, Clearwater Bay and Tseung Kwan O (Junk Bay).

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Sai Kung District Map

Contributions from:-

JC – James Chan
HF – Hugh Farmer
RL – Rico Lee
TN – Thomas Ng
ER – Elizabeth Ride
TS – Thomas Sposato

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TN  Mak’s Brewery, Yim Tin Tsai Island. Since sometime in 2014, there has been a new industry on the island:

While checking this website in March 2020 I noted that Mak’s Brewery now appears to be located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

I have not tasted it yet so I am in no position to say how is it. I believe a brewery tour could be arranged through their office.

Film Studios

Shaw Brothers 1957/1958? The Shaw Brothers Studio was established in 1957 but officially went into operation in 1961. The founder was Run Run Shaw. Since the 1970s (up to 1997?) the studio has been run by Mona Fong. The studio is located in Clearwater Bay occupying over 65,000 square feet with 13 sound stages and many exterior sets. It is the biggest studio in the Far East. Since 1985 (up to 1997?) the studio has been used to make TVB mini-series.

When the PAMAS (Pacific Air Maintenance and Supply Company) hangar was dismantled at Kai Tak airport when the new runway running out to sea was brought into service, it was re-erected at Clearwater Bay as part of the Shaw Brother’s film studio complex.

Included in: Film Studios, Hong Kong – dates, locations, layout, founders…

Flour Mill

The Hongkong Milling Company

HF/IDJ The Hongkong Milling Company (Rennie’s Mill)
HF The Hongkong Milling Company – the flour mill site after closing – Kuomintang refugees

Hongkong Milling Company Mill circa 1906

Food snacks, traditional: 

HF: Traditional Hakka snacks made and sold in Sai Kung – vanishing HK trades


HF: Ho Chung Tungsten Mine, Sai Kung


JC/RL/ER High Island Reservoir

High Island Reservoir - HKIE photo 2


Yim Tin Tsai Island
HF Yim Tin Tsai – project to restore the island’s 200 year old salt fields
HF Yim Tin Tsai island – resurrected salt

Yim Tin Tsai salt b SCMP 1.2.16

Ship breaking

IDJ Ship breaking in Hong Kong – Junk Bay 將軍澳 – late 1970s

Clearwater Bay - Junk Bay

Clearwater Bay – Junk Bay


American Marine Boatyard
TS/HF American Marine Ltd boatyard, Junk Bay – great photographs
TS/HF Carolyn Quincy AKA Francis Marion – luxurious boat built at American Marine boatyard, Junk Bay
TS American Marine boatyard – aftermath of Typhoon Wanda 1962

American Marine Shipyard image from Thomas Sposato


IDJ/HF The Shui Wing Steel Company in Junk Bay

Shui Wing Steel Junk Bay snupped image A

Tin Containers

IDJ Sai Kung’s “Tin Man” – 81 years making tin containers


JC Town Island (伙頭墳洲) – CLP Renewable Energy Supply Project

This article was first posted on 21st February 2016.

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