American Marine boatyard – aftermath of Typhoon Wanda 1962

Thomas Sposato has sent a link to a website which shows photos of American Marine boatyard shortly after Typhoon Wanda made landfall in Hong Kong on 1st September 1962.

Wanda was the most intense tropical cyclone on record in hong Kong and caused 434 deaths and left 72,000 people homeless.  Over 2,000 boats were either wrecked or damaged in the colony.

All Photographs courtesy Tony Fleming.

American Marine Shipyard -Typhoon Wanda damage a

American Marine Shipyard -Typhoon Wanda damage bAmerican Marine Shipyard -Typhoon Wanda damage cAmerican Marine Shipyard -Typhoon Wanda damage dAmerican Marine Shipyard -Typhoon Wanda damage e


  1. chanteyman trawler yachts American Marine boatyard 1961/1962 

This article was first posted on 14th January 2016.


  1. Typhoon Wanda 1962 – wikipedia 
  2. chanteyman trawler yachts – scroll down to A virtual visit to the HK Yard in the 60s to see photos of American Marine boatyard

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