Industrial Districts – Tsing Yi Island

This article is the result of several people’s research into industrial development and other related topics on Tsing Yi Island.

Tsing Yi Island (青衣島) has an area of 10.69 km². The island has been extended drastically by reclamation along almost all its natural shore and the annexation of Nga Ting Chau (牙鷹洲) and Chau Tsai.  Three major bays or harbours, Tsing Yi Lagoon, Mun Tsai Tong and Tsing Yi Bay (青衣灣) in the northeast, have been completely reclaimed.

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Contributions from:-

BC Billy Clarke
HF Hugh Farmer
YL York Lo
JT Joe Terry
WTY Wong Tak Yan

Concrete Production

JT by email Feb 2018. Have you any information on an enterprise called Tsing Yi Island Industries Ltd, a concrete products manufacturer for the construction industry in operation during the period of 1964 to 1968, production site managed by Raphael Chow, a Singapore national?

Lime Making

WTY Lime-making on Tsing Yi island – 1984 RASHKB article

Lime making San Shing Lei Kiln Factory HKBRAS Vol 24 1984


Swire Chlorine Plant

IDJ: Swire gained permission to construct a chlorine production plant [sometime during the period 1968-1980]. I cannot recall how long the Swire plant lasted in production or whether it ever produced paint there. I don’t think it did. [see image under Swire Duro Paint Factory]

Swire Duro Paint Factory

IDJ: “Swire Duro Limited was for many years best known in Hong Kong for its decorative and industrial coatings. However, while it continues to manufacture paint at its purpose-built factory on Tsing Yi Island, the bulk of its output now goes to the joint venture company, ICI Swire Paints Limited to which Swire Duro passed its brands and marketing operations in 1990.” undated

Can anyone confirm whether this image sent by IDJ shows the Swire Chlorine or Paint Factory on Tsing Yi?

Paint Swire-plant-at-Tsing-Yi-early-1970s from IDJ

Tien Chu (HK) Company

HF/YL The Tien Chu (HK) Company Ltd – founded by Wu Yunchu aka P. N. Woo – “Father of Monosodium Glutamate” – initial notes

Tsing Yi Paint Factory:

  1. BC 30 Mystery industrial building on Tsing Yi – paint factory?

Tsing Yi Paint Factory HK Urbex


Shek Wan Kaolin Mine 1976-1983

IDJ/HF Kaolin Mine photo – near Laguna City, on Tsing Yi or Chek Lap Kok islands?

Kaolin-Mine-Tsing-Yi 2


Kwong Tat Loong Shipyard

HF Kwong Tat Loong Shipyard (Brothers) Ltd – Tsing Yi – a HK industry in decline


Tsing Yi Power Station

  1. IDJ Tsing Yi Power Station – 1966 construction to 1998 demolition
  2. IDJ Felling of Five Chimneys at Tsing Yi Power Station – 1998
1969 16 Unit 3 boiler drum - lifting into position at top of boiler

1969 16 Unit 3 boiler drum – lifting into position at top of boiler

This article was first posted on 16th June 2016.

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