Lime-making on Tsing Yi island – 1984 RASHKB article

HF: Lime-making in Hong Kong has an extremely long history, at least 1,000 years, probably longer.

This article by Wong Tak-yan appeared in the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch Journal of 1984.

Lime making HKBRAS Vol 24 1984

The article begins:

Lime-making on Tsing Yi HKBRAS Vol 24, 1984 first page extract

And is divided into the following sections:
*Uses of Lime
*Raw Materials used in the making of lime
*The process of making lime
*My family involvement in lime making
*Why the industry declined

Lime making San Shing Lei Kiln Factory HKBRAS Vol 24 1984

This article was first posted on 16th February 2015.

Source: RASHKB article Lime-making on Tsing Yi RASHKB Journal Vol 24, 1984

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  • Thomas Ngan

    Hi there,

    The site of the Shing Lei Kiln in Peng Chau is in ruin but basically in tact. I visited it in December 2013. The main building still exist but locked up. The company sign is still there but it had been fading. Some windows are broken. I did not read anything from the news about the current status of this lot though. Despite I used to hang out in Peng Chau on weekends when I was twenty something, I have no idea how big was the kiln site.


    • Joe Terry

      Thomas Ngan,
      Do you know if this property was subsequently utilised by Tsing Yi Island Industries Ltd, a concrete products manufacturer servicing the construction industry in the mid 1960’s ?
      J T

  • David Baker

    I am really interested in the raw materials used for lime production in HK. If you have any references I would appreciate them greatly!

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