Chu Lu Kuk / Chek Lap Kok Island Granite Quarry – early 19th century to 1960s?

James Chan: I found this reference to Chu Lu Kok Island Granite Quarry while looking for something else. The documents here come from the Public Works Department, 1906. The documents say the island was “on the north of Lantao Island” though the Particulars of the Lot say “north of Chu Lu Kuk. A mistake? I can’t find where this island […]

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West Brother Island (Tai Mo To) Graphite Mine

Hugh Farmer: The mine was in the bottom left hand (SW) corner of the island (apologies for a fuzzy picture that resembles shark’s fin soup) West Brother Island lies to the north east of HK International Airport.  I have read an account that the graphite was discovered in the early 1950s  by fishermen who were looking for sandstone to make […]

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Lam Tei Quarry connections with post WW2 proposed Ping Shan Airport

IDJ : Quarries supplying construction materials for the proposed Ping Shan Airport are thought to be at the location above, the nearest mapped quarries to the site. They were connected to the airport site by a temporary narrow gauge railway. Site drawings for this project have not been found so far.  The RAF’s Airfield Construction Branch paper mentions the clearing […]

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