To Kwa Wan Quarry c1841 and 1944

HF: New information in red I am assuming, until corrected, that there was only one To Kwa Wan quarry.

The quarry dates back to pre-colonial times. Patrick Hase, in his Indhhk article, Quarrying and transportation of stone in Hong Kong, 1841, says, “The most prestigious stone in Canton and the Pearl River Delta area for such quality buildings was Hong Kong granite, which could be given a high polish, and which had a pleasing mottled surface. Hence places where Hong Kong Granite outcrops on the coast were all used for stone-quarries…. in Kowloon…To Kwa Wan…”

Jumping forward a century, Elizabeth Ride has sent this BAAG report.

KWIZ #70, 6.10.44 

To Kwan Wan Quarry map ER BAAG KWIZ #70, 6.10.44

 Added information below:

To Kwa Wan Quarry BAAG report

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The index contains several articles about quarrying in Hong Kong and about Kai Tak airport.

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  • Thomas Ngan

    Hi Hugh,

    The map seem to match and showed the site is the present day location of the Ko Shan Theatre/Park, probably would include the public housing estate nearby. The processing plant is a vacant lot being used as a parking lot in the past decade. ( There used to be stone huts there.


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