Mines in Hong Kong – a list

HF: I keep finding references to mines that I hadn’t come across before. The most recent is Stuco mine on Lantau, which popped up without further details in an article in a Geological Society Newsletter.  Where was it? What did it produce? When was it operating?

I thought it would useful to compile a list of HK mines that can be added to.

These mines have, as far as I know, all been commercially exploited even if only on a very small scale.

I’ll state the name of the mine, main mineral(s),  it’s location if known, and a link to the source(s)  if known or  the main article posted on this website.

As you will see there are several mines where I am not certain of their location, let alone further details.

Feel free to contact me about those listed here or about others not on this list with the above basic information if known.

  • Fo Tan, above, Silver/Lead?, Indhhk “Lead Mine Pass” Mine – closure due to major fatal accident?
    Tide Cove (the latter was at the mouth of Shing Mun River where it opens out into Tolo Harbour. The cove was largely reclaimed for development of Shatin New Town.
  • Lin Ma Hang, Lead, west of Shau Tau Kok within the Eastern Closed Frontier Area, NE NT, Indhhk Lin Ma Hang Mine
  • Needle Hill, Tungsten, southern slopes of Needle Hill between Upper Shing Mun reservoir and Tai Wai,                                                    Indhhk  Needle Hill Tungsten Mine
  • Sha Lo Wan mines, Quartz, Feldspar, Kaolin, Tungsten, Iron, just west of Tung Chung, Lantau,  Chapter 10 Economic Geology Geology of Tung Chung and Northshore, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Geological Survey Sheet Report No. 6, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering Department, HK, July 2002

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