Mining in Hong Kong – map showing Indhhk article locations

Here are the locations of the eight mines which we have posted articles about.

Tymon Mellor found the map and Malcolm Morris inserted the mines on it. Many thanks to both.

This map  can be found in Sewell RJ et al, Hong Kong Geology: A 400-million year journey, CEGG, Gov of HKSAR, 2009. Chapter 8, Economic Geology – Minerals and Mines in Hong Kong.

Click to enlarge.

We have articles about these HK mines:

  1. Lin Ma Hang 
  2. Ma On Shan
  3. Needle Hill
  4. Silver Mine Bay, Mui Wo
  5. West Brother
  6. Lin Fa Shan
  7. Sha Lo Wan
  8. Lam Tsuen

The Index contains more articles about  these mines and about quarries and stone breaking.


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