Definitive 1970 Hong Kong Tramways book updated and republished

Joseph Tse: I am pleased to tell you that the new edition of Atkinson & Williams’ book on HK Tramways has been published. Here’s a preview image to demonstrate a little of the new book’s content:

Tramways, HK New Joseph Tse 2017 Book Preview Image

Tramways, HK Book Snipped Cover

The 1st book on HK trams published in 1970, Hongkong Tramways, RLP Atkinson + AK Williams, Light Railway Transport League, London, is highly regarded as the definitive history of HK Tramways. “The new edition with 500+ pictures and scale drawings, combines the valuable details in the 1970 version (official statistics, Kowloon tramway plans, etc.), and connects the changes from 1970 onwards and for the first time interprets special tram operations during the 2014 Umbrella Movement.” The book is ISBN 978-0-948106-48-4.

Joseph Tse

President, Hong Kong Trams Culture Preservation Society

HK Tramways Book 11.2017 Updated Edtion Joseph Yiu Hon Tse

See: Hong Kong Trams Culture Preservation Society The purpose of the Hong Kong Tram Culture Conservation Society is to instill a correct and comprehensive history of the tram and promote the culture of the tram. The long-term goal is to promote the establishment of a tram museum in Hong Kong so that tram-loving friends can know the world’s unique double-decker tram: Ding Ding

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