Hong Kong Tramways – 1984 report

Hugh Farmer: 1984? Not G Orwell but PF Leeds who in that year published  a detailed account of the history of public transport in HK. This includes an account of the the development of trams here.

Tram P F Leeds (1984) pages 9-12 & 36-37

This includes :

-further illumination of the twenty years before the company actually started operations.
-providing a link between Feb 1902 when the Hong Kong Tramway was incorporated in England, this company coming under the control of the Electric Traction Company of Hong Kong Ltd and finally changing its name in 1910 to the Hong Kong Tramway Company Ltd
– an account of the 1909 visit by the Viceroy having a ride to Quarry Bay
-a boycott by the Chinese population following a decision to refuse Chinese silver coins

Leeds also mentions in some detail the Peak Tram which to some extent developed in conjunction with the Tram.

See: Leeds, PF, The Development of Public Transport in Hong Kong – An Historical Review, Govt. Printer 1984

This article was first posted on 9th March 2014.

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