Alfred Dickinson, Consulting Engineer HK Tramways – further information from his great, great nephew

HF: Peter Taylor, the great, great nephew of Alfred Dickinson, has left a comment below our article, Alfred Dickinson, Consulting Engineer HK Tramways, linked below,  about Mr Dickinson. I thought this was of sufficient interest and value to post in a separate article.

Peter wrote in reply to an enquiry I made about whether he could offer any information  about Mr Dickinson who was involved in the development of the Trams in Hong Kong.

Peter: “[Alfred Dickinson]He had a very interesting life which I have been researching for years. When he was a child his family trekked across America by covered wagon, so he had little formal education in his early years. He originally worked as a railway engineer, then moved into tramways, being responsible for the first overhead electric tramway in the UK. He built tramways all over the world, then moved into hydro-electric power generation. I recently produced a short illustrated biography which was privately printed for family members. Incidentally, Alfred’s house in Rhyl was Salam Bungalow, not Salem Bungalow as printed in the obituary. Salam is the Arabic for peace. Nothing to do with witches!”

The obituary Peter refers to can be read in our article:

Alfred Dickinson, Consulting Engineer HK Tramways

You might also like to read further infomation about Dickinson in this 1941 obituary published in the Journal of the UK’s Institution of Mehanical Engineers

HF: I look forward with great interest to reading Peter’s biography and hopefully with his pemission adding further information about Dickinson’s life and in particular his involvement in the development of its Hong Kong Trams.

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