Hong Kong Tramway books

CM Fung, IDJ and HF have compiled a list of books which contain information about the history of trams in Hong Kong.

HF: I have added a useful, brief synopsis and review of some of the books provided by the http://www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/ website linked below. These also tell you whether the book is in English, Chinese or is bilingual.

  1. Hongkong Tramways, Joseph Tse Yiu-hon and John Prentice, Light Rail Transit Association, 2017 – an updated version of the original 1970 published book. Definitive 1970 Hong Kong Tramways book updated and republished
  2. Hongkong Tramways, RLP Atkinson + AK Williams, Light Railway Transport League, London, 1970
  3. Tramlines: The story of the Hong Kong tramway system,  Martin Barnett, SCMP, 1984
  4. Trams: Hong Kong Trams: A Close-up Guide, B Arenz, Pacific Century Publishers, 1998
  5. Hong Kong Trams: Hongkong Tramways – 100 Years, Mike Davis, DTS Publishing, 2004
    Synopsis and review
  6. Early Hong Kong Transport, Cheng Po Hung, HKU, 2009
  7. Sedan Chair to Jumbo Jet: An Illustrated History of Transport in HK, F Davies Bonham Books, 2010
  8. A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways, Eric Lee, Tramric Product & Design Ltd, 2012
    Synopsis and review
  9. Amazing Ding Ding, Joseph Tse and Ricky Lau, Cosmos Books, 2012
    Synopsis and review

This article was first posted on 28th November 2014.

See: http://www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/

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  • Aditya Budidarma

    Hello. I’m looking for an in depth history of Hongkong tramways and if possible the technical details and drawings of the rolling stocks. So my question is, which one of the above books would be most suitable for me to look for in according to my needs? Thanks.

    • Hello Aditya

      I think the most in depth book currently available about the history of Hongkong Tramways is the recently published book by Joseph Tse and John Prentice which I have included in an updated version of our article Hong Kong Tramway Books.

      You might also like to look at Joseph’s blog Trams of Hong Kong.

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