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HF: Tram related links external and internal.

a) Hong Kong Tramways Ltd “Serving Hong Kong since 1904.” The company, now wholly owned by Veolia Transport China Limited (VTCL) since April 2010. 

b) Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast  is a group founded in 2006 with the aim of promoting Hong Kong tramways by setting up a platform for tram fans to discuss and exchange ideas about the developments in the tram industry. 

c) Amazing Ding Ding is a book published in Hong Kong in June 2012 and written by Joseph Tse and Ricky Lau. It is written in Chinese although the two prefaces have an English translation. 

Joseph added a comment at the end of Hong Kong Trams – linking 1881 and 2014 by way of 30th July 1904. He says he has worked on a few publications about HK trams and is now working on updating the 1970 Atkinson & Williams book on HK Tramways.

Tram Atkinson & Williams book cover image

d)  110 years of Hong Kong Trams in photos showing how their appearance has changed over the years.

e) Hong Kong Tramways Wikipedia including a useful timeline.

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