Peak Tramways – additional locations and alterations

Hugh Farmer with thanks to IDJ for the following report:

This extract from a report in the Modern Tramway Journal c1988, mentions several proposals, none of which came to fruition.’

a) building a second line to the Peak in 1908
c) 1948-1958 extending the existing Peak Tram line further down into Central
b) constructing a funicular railway at Lion Rock in the 1970s
d) 1978 providing an interchange with the MTR at Admiralty station

Peak Tramways - alternative Peak Tram etc routes

Thanks to Richard McGeough for retyping this:
The Peak Tramways Company has several times aspired to expand its operations. The second line to the Peak came to nothing in 1908, as did several other schemes, including a proposal in the 1970s to build a funicular at the Lion Rock. A proposal to extend the existing line downhill to a more convenient terminus adjacent to the junction of Queen’s Road and Des Voeux Road was pursued between 1948 and 1958, but failed, as did a subsequent 1978 suggestion by the Government’s Transport Department to provide an interchange with the Mass Transit Railway at Admiralty Station.

If you are not familiar with the image on the article’s Home Page, the photo is of Lion Rock mountain.

This article was first posted on 10th February 2014.

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