The Peak Tram – How it works

“With its outstanding record of safety and continuity, the Peak Tramways Company has always been conscious of the requirement to keep the Tramway’s operational heart in top shape. Surprisingly, since the beginning, the haulage plant has seen only one complete change – in 1926 when the original boilers and steam engine were replaced with an electrically-powered system.”

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“It was a bold decision in 1924 to invest what must have been a substantial sum in capital equipment – all the more so at a time when many people believed the Tramway would not survive that year’s opening of Stubbs Road.

The original boilers and steam engine were in any case probably due for replacement before long on account of their age. But a stronger incentive for electrification was no doubt the anticipated savings in coolies’ wages paid for hauling coal up from the docks, almost 400 metres below.

A modern electrically-powered haulage gear system was decided on. Metropolitan Vickers of Trafford Park, Manchester U.K., were appointed to design the equipment, which it was stipulated should be able to meet any increased carrying capacity required over the next 50 years…

Peak Tram The Heart Of The Matter How It Works A From IDJPeak Tram The Heart Of The Matter How It Works B From IDJPeak Tram The Heart Of The Matter How It Works C From IDJ

Peak Tram The Heart Of The Matter How It Works D Detail Main Engine Overhaul Overhaul Team Appear To Be Taikoo Dock Technicians IDJ

This article was first posted on 22nd March 2017.

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