Peak Tram to Queen’s Road escalator proposal, newspaper article 1934

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Peak Tram To Queens Road Escalator Proposal China Mail 10th July 1934 From IDJ

Peak Tram To Queens Road Escalator Proposal Image 2 China Mail 10th July 1934 From IDJ

Mr. Felix A. Joseph, well-known and popular local land-owner who yesterday expressed the opinion that the extension of the peak tramway to Queen’s Road should be made wholly over the side walk of Garden Road, should military permission not be granted for the encroachment on their property, has now put forward a scheme that is by far the most practicable and least expensive of any that have yet been forwarded for consideration.

His suggestion involves no additional track. It is to use an escalator, or simple conveyor, from the proposed new Queen’s Road Terminus to the present lower Terminus, providing Government permission could be secured.

There would be no need for two-way traffic, it only being necessary  from Queen’s Road up to the present lower Terminus. For down traffic, many people prefer walking, and, in any case the escalator or conveyor could be reversed in direction for early morning traffic, or at certain other hours, if desired.

This proposal has the great advantage of not requiring any expensive alteration to the present track, no changing of the loop crossing and the attendant widening of May Road bridge, or any alterations to the various intermediate stations. It would also be a novelty for both local residents and certainly for tourists to secure two entirely different joyrides for the one fare.

The escalator track could be very narrow and thus overcome the tedious negotiations with the military authorities.

Source: The China Mail 10th July 1934

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