Cheong K. (章記) – Real Estate Pioneer from the 1950s and 1960s

Cheong K. Real Estate Pioneer Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Cheong K. (章記) – Real Estate Pioneer from the 1950s and 1960s Left: Swiss House (瑞士樓) on 983-987A King’s Road, Quarry Bay with “Cheong K Building” (章記樓宇) in the exterior; right: Cheong K Building on Des Voeux Road, Central Earlier on the website, we covered several pioneers of the HK real estate industry from the 1950s and the […]

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World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – Dairy supplies in occupied HK

Elizabeth Ride has sent another  part of  the 1945 BAAG report on a variety of subjects in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in WW2. This time the report covers Dairy Supplies and Facilities. Of particular interest are two companies which are still operating. Dairy Farm which began in 1886 and Kowloon Dairy, with rather unfortunate timing, […]

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Goodyear(嘉年): The Rise and Fall of a Real Estate Giant

Goodyear Real Estate Giant Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Goodyear(嘉年): The Rise and Fall of a Real Estate Giant Pang Kwok-chan’s lecture for the HKU Department of Extramural Studies (precursor of SPACE) in 1966 about the 5 stages of post-War development of the HK real estate industry with the only picture of him available in the public domain (香港工商日報, 1966-10-26)  Goodyear was a major Hong Kong real […]

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Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy: China, William Jardine, the Celestial, and other HK connections

HF: Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, 1st Baronet (15 July 1783 – 14 April 1859), also spelt Jejeebhoy or Jeejebhoy, was a Parsi India merchant and philanthropist. He had close connections over a lengthy period with Hong Kong, through his business association with William Jardine,  his merchant fleet using its harbour and for having had the first Hong Kong built ocean-going ship constructed here. This extract it […]

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Messrs. Shewan, Tomes & Co

Hugh Farmer: Shewan, Tomes & Co. was one of the leading  trading companies in Hong Kong and China during the late 19th and early 20th century. When Russell & Co. then one of the largest mercantile firms in the Far East went out of business in 1891, former employees Scotsman, Robert Shewan and Englishman, Charles Alexander Tomes took over the remains of the operation and […]

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Faithful Trading and Polytek Engineering

Faithful Trading And Polytek Engineering Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Faithful Trading and Polytek Engineering Industrial trading and engineering firms such as China Engineers, Reiss Bradley and Andersen Meyer covered earlier in other articles played an important role in the industrial development of Hong Kong and the broader region as they facilitated the necessary technology transfer from the West by acting as importers and installers of state of the […]

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The three Forbes brothers: opium traders, Russell & Company in China and HK, USA railway financiers…

Lintin Island Small Version Opium Ships Edward Duncan After William John Higgins Courtesy Google Arts & Culture

The following article was written by Peter E. Hamilton, and first  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright over this material from 2012. Forbes, Robert Bennet b. 18 September 1804, Jamaica Plain, Boston, USA; d. […]

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Tsing Yi Power Station – 1966 construction to 1998 demolition

IDJ: For anyone looking towards the west from around 1966 onwards, the Tsing Yi Power Station site was an increasingly prominent feature of the harbor view. As the five tall concrete chimneys were built progressively from 1968 onwards, no one could fail to see them against the backdrop of the hills on the island. An illustrated brochure was handed out […]

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Lynhall Land Investment (聯合置業) – Real Estate Powerhouse from the late 1950s and early 1960s

Lynhall Land Investment Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Lynhall Land Investment (聯合置業) – Real Estate Powerhouse from the late 1950s and early 1960s Lynhall Land ad from 1958 featuring 7 of its properties that were available for sale that year (left to right): Majestic, Kingland, Hankow, Maylun, Phoenix, Lido and Mido(華僑日報, 1958-01-03) From 1945 to 1960, the population of Hong Kong jumped sixfoldfrom 500,000 to 3 […]

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