King of Plastic Beads and Buttons –Shen Bing-su (沈炳樞) of Yee Sing Industrial (義生實業)

Yee Sing Industrial Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: King of Plastic Beads and Buttons –Shen Bing-su (沈炳樞) of Yee Sing Industrial (義生實業) Yee Sing Plastic Factory’s ad from 1957 In the 1950s and 1960s, plastic manufacturers in HK had built up the HK plastic industry through a variety of products ranging from toys to artificial flowers to water buckets to mahjong tiles to sandals and even […]

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Walter Dunn & Company – nautical instruments

James Chan: This advert from 1951 is courtesy of Grace’s Guides: British Industrial History. However, the company doesn’t appear to have operated in the UK. So I wonder if it was a Hong Kong based company. If so did it manufacture here? I can find no mention of Walter Dunn & Co. in the HK Public Records Office newspaper search. […]

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KCR Beacon Hill Tunnel Ropeway – 1907

Tymon Mellor: Construction of the Kowloon Canton Railway included the excavation of the Beacon Hill tunnel through the Kowloon hills. At the time, the tunnel at 7,212ft or 2,198m was the longest tunnel in China and the fifth longest tunnel outside Europe. The southern and northern portals were remote from existing villages and sickness among the workers was common. To […]

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Far East Flour Mills (遠東麵粉廠)

Far East Flour Mills Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Far East Flour Mills (遠東麵粉廠) Far East Flour Mill when it was first completed in 1967 (WKYP, 1967-7-11) Earlier on the website I covered three flour mills which emerged in HK in the 1950s and 1960s – namely Hong Kong, Kowloon and HK Food Products. The last one to cover is Far East Flour Mills, which was opened […]

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Sunset Survivors book published, covers a wide range of dying, traditional Hong Kong industries

Sunset Survivors Book Cover Detail

HF: I am very happy to offer a little publicity to Lindsay Varty and the recent publication of her book, Sunset Survivors: Meet the people keeping Hong Kong’s traditional industries alive. This has been receiving excellent reviews and I understand from Lindsay that the first print has already sold out. Lindsay first contacted me in March wondering if she could […]

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Tai On Machinery Works (泰安機器廠)

Tai On Machinery Works Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Tai On Machinery Works (泰安機器廠) Tai On Machinery Works ad in the 1958 HKBCA Yearbook showcasing its “Three Stars” brand construction machinery  The construction boom in Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960screated significant demand for construction machinery and while many of the equipment were imported by the likes of China Engineers, a number of domestic equipment manufacturers such […]

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Neil Pryde Ltd – sailmaker, windsurfers – first factory Fanling 1970

HF and IDJ: Neil Pryde, the man, arrived in Hong Kong in 1963 to work as a sailmaker. In 1968 he represented Hong Kong at the Mexico City Olympic Games and in 1970 set up Neil Pryde the company. Neil Pryde Ltd was primarily a sailmaker, supplying sails mainly to yacht builders in Europe. With the emergence of moulded glassfibre […]

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Messrs. L.M. Alvares & Co, Ginger + Feathers c1908

HF: Extracted from Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong-kong, Shanghai and Other Treaty Ports of China, Wright A, Lloyd’s Greater Britain Publishing Company Ltd., 1908. A popular delicacy at home is the preserved ginger imported largely from China. The Hing Loong ginger factory in Canton is noted for producing some of tlie finest qualities, the export of which is controlled by Messrs. […]

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