Kai Tak Aerodrome Part 3 – The Roaring Thirties

1938 CNAC003

With the completion of the Kai Tak reclamation in 1930, it was now time to turn the new platform into an aerodrome. This would require the establishment of a government department to manage the aerodrome, provision of facilities to support commercial operations, and the establishment of a flying school. Airmail and Commercial Service As a government funded operation, the new […]

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Kai Tak Aerodrome – Part 2 Construction

1927 Kai Tak Reclamation

Tymon Mellor: Spurred by the looming civil war in China, the partially complete Kai Tak reclamation became a temporary RAF facility in 1927. Both the British and Hong Kong governments wanted to construct a dedicated aerodrome but limited financial resources tempered their enthusiasm. While discussions on funding continued, solutions to completing the reclamation and the design of the proposed aerodrome […]

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The Roy Farrell Export-Import Company (Hongkong) Ltd

Roy Farrell Export Import Co Ltd Company Logo IDJ

HF: If anyone comes across further information about or images of the Roy Farrell Export-Import (Hongkong) Company I would be very grateful to be sent it. Roy Clinton Farrell (June 19, 1912 – January 3, 1996) was the American co-founder of Cathay Pacific Airways along with the Australian Sydney de Kantzow. ROY FARRELL EXPORT IMPORT COMPANY (HONG KONG) LIMITED -THE- was incorporated on 28-AUG-1946 […]

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Roy Farrell, co-founder of Cathay Pacific Airways, obituary

Roy Farrell Waves From The Cockpit Of Betsy In 1948

  Roy Farrell co-founded one of Asia’s most successful airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, with the Australian Sydney de Kantzow and was one of the first Westerners to recognize the post-war potential of China as a trading partner. An American from Texas, he had originally intended to establish a trading company supplying China with badly needed goods at the end of […]

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