Ping Shan – proposed airport for Hong Kong

IDJ: When Hong Kong was liberated in September 1945, one of the military groups diverted to assist restoring the city’s electricity, gas and water utilities and railway was the Royal Air Force’s No. 5358 Airfield Construction Wing that was part of Shield Force. This fleet of Royal Navy Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers plus their support ships were transporting 3000 airman […]

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Charles Van den Born – first powered flight in Hong Kong, Shatin, 1911

The Farmen At Shatin

HF: Tymon Mellor wrote the article, Shatin – first powered flight in Hong Kong 1911, linked below, about the first powered flight which took place at Shatin on 18th March 1911. Charles “Chic’ Eather’s website mentions Charles Van den Born and this momentous event. Charles Van den Born, the Henry Farman Company’s test pilot and instructor, had arrived on the steamer Donai. […]

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On the slow boat – Sai Wan Ho, Kwun Tong, Sam Ka Tsuen ferries – part two..

HF: I finished my first ferry crossing on the Sea Coral 8 at Kwun Tong Pier coming over in about twenty minutes from Sai Wan Ho Pier with Captain Freddy Chiu in charge of the vessel and its dozen or so passengers. All photos are mine taken on the 25th September 2014. I used a camera, remember them? So they […]

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Sek Kong Airfield

Sek Kong Airfield Early 1950s

Tymon Mellor: Originally known as the Pat Heung Aerodrome, work on the Sek Kong airfield commenced in 1935 with the construction of a road to the planned airfield. However, very little work was undertaken until 1950 when the British Government established a new defence strategy for Hong Kong requiring the mobilisation of an expanded military support. However, for some the […]

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The Peak Tram – the Abt Passing Loop , 1879 invention

James Chan: Re the recent article Peak Tram: The Ward Leonard System installed 1926 I found this which I think must have been used in building the Peak Tram. This article was first posted on 14th June 2014. Source: Colorado School of Mines: Advanced funicular technology – page 3 the Abt Passing Loop Related Indhhk articles: Proposed Peak Tramway extension to Queen’s […]

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World War Two -1945 BAAG report on occupied Hong Kong – tramway service + tickets

Elizabeth Ride has sent a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report from 1st March 1945, An Outline of Conditions in Occupied Hong Kong which was compiled in early 1945 for use by the Civil Affairs Committee which was to take on the rehabilitation of HK after the planned allied invasion. HF: The report is lengthy so I am going to divide it […]

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Flying boats before Kai Tak runway opened – SCMP article

Miss Macao Detail Flying Boat Touches Down In Macau China Mail Chic Eather

  ‘Scheduled seaplane services were a vital fixture in Victoria Harbour for more than two decades starting from the 1930s, and some of the floatplanes flying between Hong Kong and Macau had a special mission – shuttling gold between the two colonies. James Ng, an expert on Hong Kong’s aviation history and a member of the Hong Kong Collectors Society, […]

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On the slow boat – Sai Wan Ho, Kwun Tong, Sam Ka Tsuen ferries – part three…

Hugh Farmer:  On the 25th September 2014 I took the ferry from Sai Wan Ho to Kwun Tong, walked from there passing through the industrial area  of Yau Tong and caught the ferry back to Sai Wan Ho from Sam Ka Tsuen ferry pier. I took pictures of the piers, ferries, crew and passengers…of the slow boats… a tribute to […]

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