South China Iron Works built rally vehicle and details about the company, 1950 newspaper article

South China Iron Works Built Detail Vehicle Image HK Sunday Herald 06 08 1950 From IDJ

IDJ has sent this newspaper article about a vehicle built by the South China Iron Works for a rally held in Hong Kong in 1950. We have quite a lot of information regarding this company, all linked below. IDJ notes, “Unfortunately, the micro-film image of the vehicle that heads the article is too obscured to make much out of it. […]

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Stonecutters Island airport proposal – pre and post WW2

HF: Rob Weir started our interest in the possibility of Stonecutters Island being a site for Hong Kong airport given the dissatisfaction with Kai Tak post WW2 mainly related to its short runways and proximity to mountains. Rob found  a Foreign Office file 371/53639   held at The National Archives at Kew, London, UK. The file refers to an investigation of […]

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The Aircraft Maintenance Industry in Hong Kong – post WW2


IDJ: Before HAECO came into existence, three companies offered aircraft maintenance services at Kai Tak. JAMCO and PAMAS merged to become HAECO  (Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company) on 1 November 1950. CNAC disappeared from the scene in 1949 when the government in China changed hands and CNAC’s assets were then subjected to a long drawn out legal battle in the […]

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The Kowloon Canton Railway (British Section), Far Eastern Review article, 1909

KCR Peter Crush Detail Image 6

Peter Crush has kindly sent the following article. Peter has also improved the clarity of the images used in the original article. KOWLOON-CANTON RAILWAY (BRITISH SECTION)    The Kowloon-Canton Railway project that has for its purpose the safeguarding of the interests of Hongkong as a distributing center for South China by establishing a railway connection with the trunk line that, when completed, […]

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HK Aerial Rapid Transit Ltd – proposed monorail Kowloon 1974

IDJ: This image was accompanied by the following text: “The Rohr “Romag” suspended monorail system was proposed for a line in Kowloon in 1974. This montage indicates how Kwun Tong Road adjacent to what is now Kowloon Bay MTR station might have looked although three-car trains of the magnetic-attraction system were proposed. (HK Aerial Rapid Transit Ltd)” See: Rohr Inc […]

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The Peak Tram – How it works

Peak Tram The Heart Of The Matter How It Works D Detail Main Engine Overhaul Overhaul Team Appear To Be Taikoo Dock Technicians IDJ

“With its outstanding record of safety and continuity, the Peak Tramways Company has always been conscious of the requirement to keep the Tramway’s operational heart in top shape. Surprisingly, since the beginning, the haulage plant has seen only one complete change – in 1926 when the original boilers ans steam engine were replaced with an electrically-powered system.” Many thanks to […]

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Horse drawn carriages during the Japanese occupation, WW2

HF: Our article, World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – transport and fuel supplies in occupied HK, states in the section Motor Bus Services that post Sept 1942 most buses had been removed from HK. Not surprisingly other forms of road transport were revived. And our article, HK Industry during World War Two – Transport, contains an extract from a book by Cheng Po […]

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The Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry Company Ltd, 1923-1973

Hong Kong & Yaumati Ferry Co Yaumati Ferry 1920s Ko Tim Keung HK Memory

1930 Additional information and an image sent by Peter Crush in July 2020, highlighted in blue. Unless otherwise stated all the information below comes from an in-house company publication, The Hongkong & Yaumati Ferry Co Ltd: Golden Jubilee 1923-1973, published in 1973. 1923 The company was incorporated on the 5th November. The Promoters of the company were Messrs. Lau Tak Po, […]

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