BAAG Report KWIZ #77 Naval Reports – information about numerous locations of interest

Sanko Maru Pre War

Elizabeth Ride has sent BAAG Report KWIZ #77, dated 15th December 1944, and noted earlier: After KWIZ #4, the Naval section is not included in the AWM papers, and does not appear again until KWIZ #66, and then in a slightly different format. The image shown on the Home Page and below is of the Japanese oil transport ship Sanko […]

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Pearl Harbour Day in Hong Kong – Japanese attack on Kai Tak airport, December 1941

HF: Please note I have added a comment attached to this article by Peter Cundall at the bottom. Gregory Crouch has kindly given permission for extracts from his article, Pearl Harbor Day in Hong Kong: “Those planes are Japanese!”, to be posted on our website. Gregory’s full article is linked below. GC: Sunday, December 7, 1941, “a date which will live […]

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Dragages Hong Kong – first HK projects, Kai Tak runway extension and Shek Pik reservoir

James Chan: Dragages Hong Kong, is a very familiar company name on signs at major construction projects around  Hong Kong. It’s parent company is Bouygues Construction The company was founded in Vietnam in 1902 as Société Française Industrielle D’Extreme-Orient. It undertook its first project, the dredging and maintenance of a 2,000 kilometre canal system in the Mekong Delta. In 1910 […]

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Hong Kong Tramways – Bowrington Canal Depot

Paul Onslow has sent these photographs of the Hong Kong Tramways’ generating station situated by the banks of the Bowrington Canal in Wanchai. They are from the UK National Archives collection of the Hong Kong colonial office 1869-1910. There is no restriction / copyright issue. The first shows a “View of the Power-house looking South taken from the West side […]

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AEC Regent V – Kowloon Bus Company buses 1960s

James Chan: The article, The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd – Timeline, got me thinking about KMB buses in the 1960s. I found this: 1954 Model introduced. The AEC Regent V was a front-engined double-decker bus built by the Associated Equipment Company between 1954 and 1969. The Regent V had AEC’s own frontal design and concealed radiator as standard, It was […]

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Olympic Motors Ltd adverts

Olympic Motors Ltd Car Adverts Dot Delivered On Time China Mail 1st January 1949 IDJ

IDJ has sent a series of car sale adverts for a number of Hong Kong companies. Further information about any of these firms would be gratefully received. This article was first posted on 22nd November 2020. Related Indhhk articles: Metro Cars (新英華汽車) and Austin automobiles in HK (1953-1970) Far East Motors – distributor of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Holden and Standard automobiles […]

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Trailblazer: the life and time of Wang Tseng-hsiang (王增祥, 1926-2012), Taiwanese developer and investor in HK, Japan and the US

Wang Tseng Hsiang Taiwanese Developer Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Trailblazer: the life and time of Wang Tseng-hsiang (王增祥, 1926-2012),Taiwanese developer and investor in HK, Japan and the US Left: Wang Tseng-hsiang speaking to the press in HK in the early 2000s; Right: the cover of Wang’s book The Financial Collapse of Japan published in 1998 (Cosmos Books) A pioneer in the HK real estate industry in the […]

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The Kowloon Tram System – proposals and rejections 1901 to 1925

Tymon Mellor: In 1904, as the Hong Kong Island tram system was readying for operation, attention focused on the opposite side of the harbour on the development of a tram network for Kowloon. After many false starts, just when it seemed that work was about to start on a Kowloon tram network, the Government had a major change of approach […]

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South China Iron Works built rally vehicle and details about the company, 1950 newspaper article

South China Iron Works Built Detail Vehicle Image HK Sunday Herald 06 08 1950 From IDJ

IDJ has sent this newspaper article about a vehicle built by the South China Iron Works for a rally held in Hong Kong in 1950. We have quite a lot of information regarding this company, all linked below. IDJ notes, “Unfortunately, the micro-film image of the vehicle that heads the article is too obscured to make much out of it. […]

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