Cascade Tourist Service (HK) Ltd – 1981 imported ex-Nottingham double-deckers – transporting HUD workers

Cascade Tourist Service (HK) Ltd Ex NCT Nottingham City Transport VAU 3995 183 CN1779

James Chan: Cascade Tourist Service (HK) Ltd, aka Cascade Intertrade Corporation (CIC), was incorporated on 8th August 1975 and dissolved on 31st December 2004. The company was mainly involved in transporting the workers of Hongkong United Dockyard (HUD) to its Tsing Yi island shipyard but was also involved on hire to Citybus. “Cascade became the sixth Hong Kong operator to […]

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West Rail – Part 1 In the Beginning

Main Transportation In The Yuen Long District

  Tymon Mellor: We take for granted the Hong Kong rail transport system; barring the occasional but rare incident, it operates reliably and efficiently every day for 365 days a year. The system is so efficient that we forget about the enormous efforts required in the development of the lines, the complexities of the designs, the challenges of construction and […]

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The Cross-Harbour Tunnel – Part 2 Construction

Tymon Mellor: Within the first 15 minutes of the opening of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel on the 3rd August, 1972 over 700 vehicles had driven through the tunnel, signalling the future success of the project and allowing the tunnel to become part of the Hong Kong DNA. But from the outset, construction of this new icon had many hurdles to overcome […]

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Kai Tak Part 5 – Post War Airport

Kai Tak 1950

Tymon Mellor: On the 29th August, 1945 a small armada of British naval vessels under Rear Admiral Harcourt arrived off Hong Kong, ready to re-establish British administration in the territory. The following day as HMS Swiftsure entered the harbour, three Japanese suicide boats left Lamma Island to attack. Anticipating the move, aircraft from HMS Indomitable were on hand to sink […]

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Ping Shan – proposed airport for Hong Kong – further images

Hugh Farmer: All images have been sent by IDJ with acknowledgements  given for sources where known. RAF Ping Shan c1954 IDJ comments the above  image was originally posted on the The Hong Kong Historical Aircraft Association (HKHAA) website by someone in Australia in 2006. RAF Ping Shan c1954 RAF Ping Shan c1954IDJ adds “I noticed this week [4th Dec 2013] that the […]

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The Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) Part 3 – the construction of Kowloon Station

Tymon Mellor: At the turn of the 19th century, railways and steam ships were changing the world and demanding new infrastructure to support them. With the construction of the Kowloon-Canton Railway – British Section in full swing, attention turned to the location of the terminus station in Kowloon. There were many competing requirements for the location; resulting in the site […]

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Sim Air Limited – helicopter company

Sim Air Ltd Bell 206B Jet Ranger Helicopter IDJ

Many thanks to IDJ for sending the brief magazine article below. He believes that the short lived, mid 1970’s, helicopter company may have been based on Lamma island. Can anyone verify this? The image shown below accompanied the magazine article. The smart Bell 206B helicopter sometimes encountered in flights around the Colony is operated by Sim Air Ltd., and flown by […]

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KCR Beacon Hill Tunnel Ropeway – 1907

Tymon Mellor: Construction of the Kowloon Canton Railway included the excavation of the Beacon Hill tunnel through the Kowloon hills. At the time, the tunnel at 7,212ft or 2,198m was the longest tunnel in China and the fifth longest tunnel outside Europe. The southern and northern portals were remote from existing villages and sickness among the workers was common. To […]

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