The British Borneo Timber Company – Taikoo Dockyard locomotive connection

IDJ has sent an article, The Development of Rail Transport in the Logging Industry,  which is about Borneo.

This briefly mentions a Taikoo dockyard steam locomotive being used by the British Borneo Timber Company around the 1920s.

“It is also believed that the BBTC later added a second steam locomotive of unidentified manufacture Taikoo No. 1, purchased second hand from Hong Kong, presumably from the Whampoa-Taikoo Dockyard [sic] to this operation. This was a 0-4-2 side tank with outside motion and Salter valves.”

The photograph show on the Home Page of this article is from The Development of Rail Transport…and is Plate 3: “ Shay locomotive on Bettotan Line” British Borneo Timbers about 1930. Photograph Keith Wookey collection. Courtesy of Robin Wookey

Source: The Development of Rail Transport in the Logging Industry, Ross Ibbotson

This article was first posted on 30th July 2016.

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