Henry Bridges Endicott – biography

HF: “Henry B. Endicott joined Butterfield & Swire as Head Shipping Clerk in February 1873, after being headhunted from the US firm of Augustine Heard & Co. An American and a fluent Chinese speaker, he was known to have excellent connections throughout the chartering and shipping community, and John Samuel Swire believed he was the right man for what he […]

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George Underhill Sands, Early China Steamship Entrepreneur

Hankow In HK Harbour Date Unknown Source Peabody & Essex Museum, Salem, MA, USA From Ralph Wood

Ralph Wood has kindly sent the following article. George Underhill Sands was Ralph’s Great-granduncle. Ralph has compiled a substantial amount of information about George Sands’ family as well as the man himself. This can be found on Ralph’s website which is linked below the article. This website has posted a couple of articles about George Underhill Sands which are also […]

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European Settlements in the Far East – Part Five Trade and Shipping Lines in Hong Kong around 1900

Hong Kong Harbour 1890s Source SCMP

Vaudine England has kindly sent a link to what she describes as a typically 1900-era directory of the European empires in the east. There is much in the directory of interest to us which has been linked in articles below. The author was D Warren Smith.(1) I thought I would divide these summaries into several parts. Fifth up – Trade […]

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Tai Koo Dockyard makes a ship on wheels

Now Taikoo Makes A Ship On Wheels China Mail 26th September 1958 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following article. HF: I have retyped the original article to improve clarity and aid searches Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped script. This is the galleon which will be taking part in the Festival of the Arts Pageant at the Government Stadium on October 30. It was designed and built by Taikoo Docks from old […]

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Dodwell & Company Ltd, 天祥洋行

Dodwell & Company (天祥洋行) was one of the leading British merchant firms, active in China and Japan during the 19th and 20th century. It was a direct rival to Jardine, Matheson & Co. “It was established in 1858 when W R Adamson and Company (silk dealers) set up in London, with its head office in Shanghai and branches in Hong Kong, […]

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Taikoo Dockyard – photos of staff and workers’ facilities – c1954

IDJ has sent these photos extracted from an in-house Taikoo Dockyard publication of 1954. This was the period midway between the dockyard’s expansion after the Second World War during which extensive destruction had been caused both by the Japanese during their occupation in 1942–45 and allied bombing prior to the liberation of Hong Kong. And the Swire Group’s decision in the […]

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Tai Koo Dockyard – 1950s general engineering including Kai Tak hangars, tramcars and wireless masts…

IDJ has sent extracts from an in-house Taikoo Dockyard book of the 1950s which covers a wide range of company facilities, workshops etc. The section of the book shown in this article covers General Engineering and reveals that the yard’s manufacturing skills extended beyond the obvious shipbuilding into a wide range of heavy engineering…and more surprising delights. General Engineering Many […]

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Chinese lighthouse keepers’ wives – 1930s Japanese preference

New information in red regarding Hong Kong lighthouse ladies. IDJ: The script below comes from one of my aviation books related to the 1930s China Coast. It’s an interesting aside about the wives of lighthouse keepers:- “Chinese keepers of the lights had invariably been pirated so often for their large supplies of specially refined kerosene, the lighthouse service found it […]

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Capt Sands’ Slip, c1870s, Sai Wan’s most influential shipyard owner

Stephen Davies: Credit must be given for the information below to a presentation given by Ma Koon You on Hong Kong dockyards at the HK Heritage Discovery Centre a couple of years back, and since supplemented by me. Capt George Underhill Sands (1824-1881) bought the old MacDonald Shipyard in Sai Wan (Western District, HK Island) after a complex history that […]

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British river steamer Sai On’s burnt out hulk reconversion at Cheoy Lee Shipyard, newspaper article

Tak Shing Image From Phil Kenny

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article on the reconstruction work being carried out by the Cheoy Lee Shipyard on the British river steamer, the Sai On. This was necessary as the following brief report details: “A few decades later, Hong Kong saw its most serious shipboard fire incident in the 20th century. In the evening of 4 February 1947, […]

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