The ‘Vital Spark’ – last steam powered vessel to be licenced by the HK Marine Department 1988

IDJ: In 1984 The Hong Kong Society of Model & Experimental Engineers (HKSMEE) was officially registered. A major project by a member was a coal fired steam-engine powered launch, the ‘Vital Spark,’ based at Hebe Haven. The substantial steam engine and its accessories were built in a ‘home’ workshop with the hull constructed and fitted out near Hebe Haven. Vital Spark was […]

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The film The Sand Pebbles – replica of the USS San Pablo built at Vaughan & Yung Engineering Co Ltd

York Lo’s recent article, J.H. Vaughan – An American Shipbuilder in Hong Kong, mentions that the yard built the replica of the USS San Pablo for the well known film The Sand Pebbles. The article has prompted IDJ to send the following: The Sand Pebbles – Production Notes THE BACKGROUND When the late Richard McKenna’s first and only novel, “The Sand Pebbles,” […]

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Ship painting in Hong Kong, information requested

Ship Painting Image 4

IDJ writes, ”sifting through images I have taken over the years in Hong Kong I came across these precarious ship’s painting photographs. I don’t recall that this has been a subject your site has covered. Presumably there were local contractors in this business, although I have no idea of them.” Hugh Farmer: IDJ is correct, this website has not covered […]

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Wing On Shing Shipyard during the Japanese occupation 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride: These BAAG reports about Wing On Shing Shipyard come from the period of the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong during WW2. The Wing On Sing  Shipyard, located on the foreshore along Castlepeak Road  between Shamshuipo and Laichikok is controlled by the Kokoki or Koreki Butai.  It builds and repairs wooden vessels, landing craft, launches and motor boats.  One […]

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The Kaisyu Maru ex-Hang Cheong, built Taikoo Dockyard 1923

HF New Information in Blue, Peter Cundall left the following comment on 16th July 2023: The ship was seized, either in Dec 1941 or earlier, probably in 1940 on the Pearl River. The Japanese entity’s name was Kanton Naiga Unei Kumiai which is correctly translated as Canton Inland Shipping Association. The names Kaishu Maru ”Sea Pearl” probably after the Pearl […]

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Kwong Hip Lung Shipyard (Dainichi Shipyard during the Japanese occupation)

HF: Some  initial notes and images regarding this Hong Kong company established in 1877. The following extract is from an August 1944 BAAG WW2 report courtesy of Elizabeth Ride. The Kwong Hip Lung Shipyard, situated immediately North of the Cosmopolitan Dock in Shamshuipo, was renamed the Dainichi Shipyard in June 1943, and is under the control of the Hongkong Governor’s Office.   […]

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BAAG Naval Section Intelligence Summary, March 1943, ship repair, maintenance and movements

Elizabeth Ride has sent the Naval section of a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) Waichow Intelligence Summary (WIS No.25) dated 27th March 1943. This covers shipping movements in and out of Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation in World War Two during February/March 1943. The reports also describe time spent by vessels undergoing repairs and maintenance in a number of Hong […]

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Harry Kin Hong Long – New Zealand, The HK & Yaumati Ferry Company and WW2

HF: Harry Kin Hong Long divided his life between New Zealand and Hong Kong. In the latter he worked for two companies, Kung Lee Steam Ship and HK and Yaumati Ferry. Julia Bradshaw has kindly given me permission to quote from her book Golden Prospects: Chinese on the West Coast of New Zealand. Julia is the Director of the Hokitika Museum, NZ. […]

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Andrew Weir Shipping and Trading Co.Ltd (Bank Line) – connection to Sha Lo Wan Mine, Lantau

Bank Line Advert New Source Unkown

HF: Tymon Mellor’s article, Sha Lo Wan Mine, includes, “A local company, The Bank Line (China) Ltd was interested in production of the ore for shipment to Japan, through Andrew Weir & Co, a local “reputable firm” as advised by the superintendent of Mines in a memo dated 7th January, 1953.” Here is an introduction to this British shipping company […]

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