The demise of the Seawise University, aka Queen Elizabeth liner, in Hong Kong harbour

IDJ 12

HF: IDJ, long-time contributor to this website, has contributed the following article about the Seawise University ship, originally the Queen Elizabeth liner. As you will read IDJ witnessed at first-hand the demise of the ship. He also took the photographs of the ship. I am very grateful for his contribution in both areas. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped […]

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Taikoo Dockyard 1950s workshops, plant, utilities and facilities – Part One

IDJ has sent extracts from an in-house Taikoo Dockyard book of the 1950s which cover a wide range of company facilities including a brief description of each and illustrative photographs. The Dock was at the height of its importance during this period, employed around 4,500 people, and offered a range of services which extended considerably beyond shipbuilding and ship maintenance. […]

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BAAG Naval Section Intelligence Summary, mid September 1942, ship repair, maintenance and movements

Elizabeth Ride has sent the Naval section of a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) Waichow Intelligence Summary (WIS No.6) dated 14th September 1942. This covers shipping movements in and out of Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation in World War Two during late August and September 1942 and scheduled sailing dates for October 1942. These reports also describes time spent by […]

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Andrew Weir Shipping and Trading Co.Ltd (Bank Line) – connection to Sha Lo Wan Mine, Lantau

Bank Line Advert New Source Unkown

HF: Tymon Mellor’s article, Sha Lo Wan Mine, includes, “A local company, The Bank Line (China) Ltd was interested in production of the ore for shipment to Japan, through Andrew Weir & Co, a local “reputable firm” as advised by the superintendent of Mines in a memo dated 7th January, 1953.” Here is an introduction to this British shipping company […]

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Jebshun Shipping (捷順船務)

Jebshun Shipping Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Jebshun Shipping (捷順船務) Left: Lam Choon-cheong (A Collection of epitaphs of Chinese elites in HK); Middle: advertising calendar of Jebshun from the 1950s (eBay Singapore); Right: Victoria Drummond, the first woman marine engineer in Britain, who worked for Jebshun from 1959 to 1962. In the article about the Kowloon Flour Mills, it was mentioned that Andrew Lam Kam-kwan […]

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Douglas Lapraik – further information

Lapraik arrived in Hong Kong in 1842 the beginning of British colonisation. He established himself as a successful capitalist in many businesses like watchmaking, shipping, and the opium trade. He cofounded the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Whampoa Dock Company, as well as investing in Keying, the first Chinese junk to sail from China to the US and Britain. […]

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Wm Dolan, Sailmaker, Duddell Street, 1868

Dolan Wm, Sailmaker China Mail 28.5.1868

James Chan: William Dolan, Sailmaker, Duddell Street, opposite the French Consulate. Note: 1868 is the correct year of the publication of this advert despite 1866 being mentioned within the advert. First posted: Date unknown Related Indhhk articles: Chutsing, Sailmaker, Endicott’s Bazaar, 1864 Neil Pryde Ltd – sailmaker, windsurfers – first factory Fanling 1970

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Ship Repairers & Shipbuilders (HK) Ltd, (subsidiary of HUD), 1978

James Chan: 1978 “Hongkong United Dockyards Ltd. (HUD) have formed a new subsidiary company — Ship Repairers & Shipbuilders (HK) Ltd. The company will act as agents for a number of major overseas ship repairing companies and will liaise with local shipowners requiring docking and repair work overseas. The new company has already obtained the agency for Lisnave in Portugal, […]

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The demise of the historic liner Queen Elizabeth in Hong Kong harbour

Seawise University On Fire

The ship Queen Elizabeth was an ocean liner operated by Cunard Line. In tandem with the Queen Mary both ships provided a weekly luxury service between Southampton in the U.K and New York via Cherbourg, France. Whilst being constructed in the mid-1930s by John Brown and Company at, Clydebank, Scotland, the build was known as Hull 552. Hull 552 was […]

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Tai Koo Dockyard

Hugh Farmer: Some  initial notes and images regarding this illustrious Hong Kong company. Thanks to Tymon Mellor for the two images of Tai Koo Graving Dock. The following extract is from a 1944 BAAG WW2 report courtesy of Elizabeth Ride. This article was first posted on 10th May 2014. Related Indhhk articles: Early HK Shipyards and Graving Docks Bailey’s Shipyard […]

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