Collection and export of metals, vehicles, machinery etc during the Japanese occupation, WW2, Part One 1942-1943

Elizabeth Ride has sent a number of British Army Aid Group (BAAG) reports regarding Japanese efforts to collect metals, vehicles, machinery, coins etc for export, mainly to Japan, during their occupation of Hong Kong (WW2). Elizabeth has re-typed several of these reports and has kindly added references to assist searching where this has not been done. This was a considerable effort […]

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Nui Po Shan (Turret Hill) Quarry, Shatin

HF and Thomas Ngan: According to the linked 1987 report below Nui Po Shan (Turret Hill) Quarry was originally used as a borrow area in the mid 1960s [another source suggests the quarry began in “mid-1960”] and 70s. A borrow pit is a term used to describe an area where material has been dug for use at another location in […]

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Jan Hendrik Marsman 1892-1956, connection to Needle Hill Tungsten Mine

HF: Jan Hendrik Marsman, was born in 1892 in the Netherlands and died in 1956, I think in the Philippines. He was known as Hank to his friends. He started his working life as an engineer and later developed extensive business interests in the Philippines. Marsman is of interest to us because he became involved, through his company Marsman Hong […]

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Mui Wo Silver Mine – 1905 newspaper article

Lower Tunnel

Tymon Mellor’s article, Mui Wo Silver Mine – Part One – The Owner provides much information about Ho A Mei who promoted and developed the mine that lent its name to the well known Silver Mine Bay on Lantau island. Tymon has sent this Hong Kong Telegraph article published in 1905 which provides guidance on the plant and a plan to […]

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West Brother Island Graphite Mine – Geological Society of HK Field Trip, 1992

Tymon Mellor has pointed us in the direction of an article which includes information about West Brother Graphite Mine published after a field trip to both Brother Islands and Chek Lap Kok in October 1992. Just before then the construction of the airport which irrevocably changed all three including much of the mine’s above surface structures and tailings. The report, titled, […]

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Ma On Shan Iron Mine – SCMP article, nearby miner’s village, three buildings restored

HF: Three buildings have been restored at the mining village close to Ma On Shan Iron Mine where miners and their families lived during the mine’s active life from 1906 to 1976 and especially during the 1950s. The Sunday Morning Post of 18th January 2015 contains an article, Ex-residents return to see village come back to life. The article says […]

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