History of Needle Hill Mine – centenary year

Img Adit 8 1960

Introduction Tymon Mellor: One hundred years ago this year, according to records, mining for Wolframite (or Wolfram as it used to be called), commenced at Needle Hill, possibly one of the oldest and most extensive industrial historical sites in Hong Kong. The mine workings now lie abandoned and overgrown on the hillsides above the Lower Shing Mun Reservoir. If you […]

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Ma On Shan Iron Mine – HK Naturalist 1931

Hugh Farmer: It is worth looking at the Hong Kong Naturalist – “a quarterly illustrated journal principally for Hong Kong and South China” which was published from Jan 1930 until Feb 1941. The  journal contain articles on a variety of subjects of interest to us including, tea production, oysters, Kowloon waterworks, agriculture in the New Territory [sic] and a couple of mountains […]

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Ma On Shan Iron Mine 1906-1976 – biggest mine in HK – further information

HF: This article is the result of several people’s research into Ma On Shan Iron Mine. If you can provide further information about this or any other mine, quarry or dredging activity please email me at: indhhk at gmail dot com Information provided by Hugh Farmer, IDJ, Tymon Mellor and Elizabeth Ride Ma On Shan Mine operated for 70 years […]

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From Metals Trading to Real Estate: the Lau Family of Pak Hing Loong (百興隆)

The Lau Family Of Pak Hing Loong Detail Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: From Metals Trading to Real Estate: the Lau Family of Pak Hing Loong (百興隆) The Lau family has been a major player in the metals trading business in Hong Kong for over seven decades through Pak Hing Loong Ltd which was formed in the 1940s and incorporated in 1957 and like many others augmented their fortunes as pioneers […]

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Mui Wo Silver Mine – Part One – The Owner

1864 Ho Image

Tymon Mellor: The former mine at, and which was to give its name to, Mui Wo or Silvermine Bay, was arguably one of the most important mines in Southern China at the end of the nineteenth century. It was developed using private money and was a showcase of modern technology. It was hoped this would be the start of a […]

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Jan Hendrik Marsman – Escape from HK during WW2

Hugh Farmer and “Tide Swell”: New information in red. These are introductory notes about Jan Hendrik Marsman, b1892 Netherlands, d1956 [exact dates needed], known as Hank to his friends. He started his working life as an engineer.  He developed extensive business interests in the Philippines. As elaborated on below he became involved through  his company Marsman Hong Kong  China Ltd, in […]

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Needle Hill Mine – 1961 account

Tymon Mellor has sent this article which was first published in Economic Geology, 1st November 1961. The article has several photos of the mine, processes and workers. More can be found in the linked article. Not all of them have titles. Source: Needle Hill Mine -Mineralogy and Genesis of Wolframite Deposits 1964 SG Davis Economic Geology, 1st November 1961, Vol 56 No.7 […]

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