West Brother Island Graphite mine – a timeline

A little more information about a mine that, at least above ground, was demolished when the new Hong Kong International Airport was built.

1952 Mine site was operated by Tin Bo Mining Development Corp. Later, the mine changed its name or had its equity transferred to Ng Fuk Black Lead Mining Co. Ltd. to continue its operation. During its early production almost all graphite was exported to the United Kingdom.

1955 Annual production was around 1,500 tons, with 80% of its shipments headed to the United States. Graphite of low quality was used as local fuel for brick production.

1956 The annual production of graphite was 3,000-3,500 tons.

1964 The production continued to increase and the mine site continued to expand vertically and horizontally.

1971 The mine expanded to 90 metres below sea level. Because of the high cost of ventilation and water pumping, mining activity ceased.

1973 In January 1973, the mining lease expired.

West Brother Island Graphite Mine Geological Society Of Hong Kong

Geological Society of HK Field Trip to the graphite mine in 1992.

Source: Hong Kong Mining History, Jackie C.T. Chu & Jacky S.L. Chan, Projecterrae, 2015.

This article was first posted on 16th November 2022.

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