Quarrying in Hong Kong – rehabilitation of Anderson Road, Shek O, Lam Tei and Sok Kwu Wan

James Chan: A little about the end of quarrying in Hong Kong and the three big ones plus  Sok Kwu Wan (ie Lamma) Quarry

“Today, under a plan formulated in 1989, the three remaining operational quarries in Hong Kong are being rehabilitated to form green areas for future development. Shek O (completion in 2009), Anderson Road (2013) and Lam Tei (2015) quarries are being rehabilitated under contracts that involve major recontouring to soften the appearance of the angular quarry profile, tree and shrub planting, and erosion control. A similiar rehabilitation contract was completed in 2002 at Lamma Quarry to form a green site of  0.49 square kms.” (Sewell 2009)

Rehabilitation contracts involve the landscaping of the quarries, and the production of saleable rock products. Thus, Anderson Road Quarry will produce 50 million tonnes of rock up to 2013 (2.6 million tonnes in 2006), Shek O Quarry will produce 23 million tonnes, and Lam Tei Quarry will produce 6.5 million tonnes.

Lam Tei Quarry Unknown source/date


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This article was first posted on 5th January 2015.

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