Kuhn Mines Ltd, railway(s) at Ma On Shan mine – any information needed!

HF: Ma On Shan Iron Mine 1906-1976 – biggest mine in HK is one of the most read articles on the website. This is a sister piece about the company that is supposed to have supplied and/or operated an underground railway(s) at the mine.

I said when I posted this article in May 2014 I could find nothing out about Kuhn Mines Ltd and I still can’t. Am I am searching in the wrong place? 

I have attempted to contact Douglas Beath, writer of the letter below, also without success. As can be seen by the comments below the main article.

IDJ has sent the letter shown below.  This links Ma On Shan iron mine with Kuhn Mines Ltd. The writer Douglas Beath mentions 25 photographs taken in “about winter 1966”, which appear to have been lost after being sent to the Hong Kong Railway Society.

The letter mentions two battery powered locos. And an overhead traction powered railway. All very intriguing.

IDJ suggests “The KUHN name would presumably appear in contemporary HK business directories or government company records/listings etc.”

KUHN MINES Ltd, Railway, Mao On Shan Mine

These two photos appear to show a railway powered by overhead cable at the mine.

Kuhn Mine Railway image 1


This article was first posted on 20th February 2015.

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