Proposed Lion Rock cable car, 1971

HF: “In 1971, the government approved a proposal to install a cable-car system leading to the 495-metre peak [of Lion Rock in Hong Kong]. Despite never being realised, the mountain remains popular with hikers and a symbol of Hongkongers’ ‘can-do’ attitude.”

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Lion Rock Proposed Cable Car System Courtesy Information Services Dept HK

An artist’s impression of the cable-car system leading to Lion Rock. Photo: Information Services Dept, HK

“Cable link with Lion Rock,” ran a headline in the South China Morning Post on June 17, 1971. “The Governor-in-Council has approved, in principle, a proposal for the construction and operation of a cable-car system from Shatin Pass Road to the peak east of Lion Rock,” the story continued. Named for its “striking resemblance to a crouching lion”, the 495-metre peak offers views across the New Territories and Hong Kong Island.

Tenders were invited on March 16, 1973, to be submitted before August 31.

“The successful tender will be given land leases for two shopping stations on the cable car route, which will have restaurants, shops and parking areas,” said an October 9 article. “By the end of 1976 the Lion Peak cable car is expected to be one of Hongkong’s most scenic tourist attractions.”

But by 1974, work had still not begun.”

Lion Rock In the Late 1970s Courtesy Housing Authority

Lion Rock In the late 1970s Courtesy: Housing Authority, HK

“None of three tenders received last year were acceptable because they did not com­ply with the tender conditions,” reported the Post, on June 6, although two “merited further consideration”. Neither was to emerge victor­ious. Instead, the possibility of placing the lower station on the Sha Tin side of the mountain was investigated.

However, a study “showed several problems” that ruled out the alternative and the original plan, wherein the lower station was sited on the Kowloon side, was reverted to, according to a November 4 story.” (1)


  1. Lion Rock cable car was to become a major Hong Kong tourist attraction, but it never happened SCMP 7th June 2019

This article was first posted on 11th June 2019.

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