Green Island Cement Company – aerial ropeway

Ian Wolfe has sent a photo from an unknown source.

Ian: It’s undated but the time taken should be before 1949. The Green Island plant with an interesting aerial ropeway can be seen here – Tower A is approximately at the present ELDEX building,[location shown below], while pylons B,C,D,E and F stretches the ropeway towards the coastline and ended up going into a shed where raw materials for cement manufacturing were shipped by boat and loaded to the shed.

Lot numbers marked on photo showing the Baileys shipyard etc. are only approximate regarding the location.
I remember the ropeway survived till 1968 or may be a couple of years beyond that.

Green Island Cement Aerial Ropeway undated Ian Wolfe

Ian adds: This 1949 photo shows similar structures enclosed within the yellow rectangle at Green Island Cement.

The orange triangle is the China Oxygen and Acetylene Company Ltd factory newly built in 1949.

Green Island Aerial Ropeway 1949 Ian Wolfe

Eldex Industrial Building location google map snipped

Eldex Industrial Building location google map b snipped

This article was first posted on the 16th January 2016.

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