Green Island Cement – manager late 1920s to 1949 indentified + photos of earlier manager’s house?

Hugh Farmer: Jane Taylor added this comment to the article, Green Island Cement Company – stunning photos, “ I can confirm that the building in the foreground of the photograph beneath the picture of the rotary kilns was, indeed, the manager’s house.

Hong Kong-Green Island Cement 7 Manager's house foreground

The Manager’s house is the large building at the bottom right hand corner

My grandfather, Robert Taylor served as manager (I think from the late 1920s) until his retirement in 1949. Recently discovered family photographs show the building clearly, and also its pre- and post-war interiors. Much work had to be done after the war to make it habitable again.” 

In response to Jane’s comment IDJ has sent the following photos. IDJ believes they are all connected to Green Island Cement. Judging by titles written on the back of the prints the first one appears to show an employee of the company who was probably the “maker” of the photographs. The other four are interior photos of the manager’s house shown above. The images appear to be from about 1900-1905.

Green Island Cement 1 Manager-maybe

Green Island Cement-2 Manager's house-maybe-001

Green Island Cement-3 Manager's house-maybe-002

Green Island Cement-4 Manager's house-maybe-003

  1. Green Island Cement-5 Manager's house-maybe-0043

This article was first posted on 30th April 2014.

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  • Jane Taylor

    Yes, these photos were definitely taken inside the Manager’s house; they match the ones that we have. I’ll try to send some of ours soon though the quality may not be too good – the originals, though small, are pin-sharp: but I’m afraid I’m shamefully incompetent with computer technology. How exciting to see IDJ’s shots – thank you so much!

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