Lawrence Kadoorie, connected to CLP, Peak Tramways, HK Engineering & Construction, HK Brewers & Distillers, Kowloon Docks…

IDJ has sent the following newspaper article which was published in the Hong Kong Sunday Herald in a 1930s long series entitled Hong Kong Personalities.

HF: As you will read Lawrence Kadoorie was connected to a very large number of Hong Kong companies, including China Light and Power, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd, Peak Tramways, the Hong Kong Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd., the Hong Kong Brewers and Distillers Ltd., Hong Kong & Whampoa Docks, and the Hong Kong Rope Manufacturing Co Ltd. We have articles about most of these which can be found at the end of the newspaper article. Mr Kadoorie died on 25th August 1993 in Hong Kong.

HF: I have retyped the original article to aid clarity and searches.

Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped copy of the article.

Hong Kong Personalities

Lawrence Kadoorie HK Sunday Herald 15th Sept 1935 From IDJ










This is the fifty-ninth of the exclusive series of sketches of leading Colony residents by Mr. A.S. Konya, the talented Hungarian artist.

Our Personality this week is Mr. Lawrence Kadoorie, eldest son of Sir Elly Kadoorie, founder of the firm of the Sir Elly Kadoorie and Sons. His mother belonged to the well known Mocatta family.

Mr. Kadoorie was born in 1899 in Hong Kong, where his father settled 50 years ago. He was educated in England, first at Ascham St. Vincent’s School, Eastbourne, and afterwards at Clifton College. Returning to Hong Kong he joined his father in business and became a partner in the firm of Sir Elly Kadoorie and Sons.

Mr. Kadoorie today plays a large part in the business life of the Colony, holding in all nine directorships. He is Chairman of the China Light and Power Co and a Director of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd., the Peak Tramways Ltd., the Hong Kong Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd, the Hong Kong Brewers and Distillers Ltd., Concrete Products Ltd., the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong Rope Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Asia Lands. Ltd.

Mr. Kadoorie is actively interested in the various institutions, schools and hospitals, numbering 36 in all, built by his father and uncle in various parts of the Near East, including Palestine, and in China. He is also keenly interested in the development of the Colony, especially Kowloon, about which he confesses himself and incurable optimist; though, in present circumstance, in a decided minority.

Mr. Kadoorie’s recreations are riding, swimming, rifle-shooting and photography. He is not unreasonably proud of the fact that, when a boy of 14 at Clifton College, he was one of the team chosen to shoot against the Stock Exchange. His keen interest in riding is evidenced by the fact that he was recently invited to open the new Equine Sports Club at Shatin and was presented with a silver horse-shoe, mounted on ebony, as a memento of the occasion. Some beautiful examples of his work as a photographer adorn his office walls.

Mr. Kadoorie, it may also be mentioned, is the President of the Hong Kong Jewish Club.

Source: The Hong Kong Sunday Herald 15th September 1935.

This article was first posted on 24th October 2021.

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