Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock – WW2 bombing – the aftermath

Elizabeth Ride has sent BAAG reports included in the article World War Two – 1945 BAAG report on Dockyards in occupied Hong Kong. These included this extract regarding the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock company, also and commonly known as the Kowloon Dock.

It illustrates the extensive damage caused to the docks by allied bombing towards the end of WW2.

Kowloon Dock BAAG report 1

Kowloon Dock BAAG report 2

IDJ has sent the following photographs which he believes are all of the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard and presumably taken shortly after the end of WW2

They confirm the extent of  the damage noted in the BAAG report.

Kowloon-Dockyard-War damage-001Kowllon -Dockyard-War damage-002Kowloon Dockyard-War damage-003Kowloon Dockyard-War damage-004Kowloon Dockyard-War damage-005Kowloon-Dockyard-War damage-006Kowloon-Dockyard-War damage-007

It is worth noting that on the eve of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, the dockyard was also heavily bombed by Japanese aircraft with a  resultant large number of casualties.

This article was first posted on 26th August 2014.

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