The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company’s Hinsang, built 1941 by HK & Whampoa Dock

HF: Stephen Kentwell recently left a comment on our article, BAAG records of shipping in HK during 1944-45 – the Shin Kensei, ex Indo-China Steam Navigation Co. As Stephen thinks this refers to the ICSNC’s Hinsang I am posting his comment and an image of the ship in this new article.

Stephen: I believe this [BAAG record] refers to Indo-China S.N. Co’s new HINSANG built in 1941. The old HINSANG was demolished at Hong Kong in 1939. My friend Prof. Howard Dick published a detailed fleet list of this company in 1973, and here is the updated version of this ship’s entry:

HINSANG (1941-41) 4644/41 (M)
Built by Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd, Hong Kong for ICSNC. 20/2/41 delayed launch after loss of steelwork on 11/7/40 with City of Bagdad (7506/20) – on completion in service Hong Kong/Sandakan. 25/12/41 scuttled at Hong Kong. Salvaged by Japanese and 4/43 r. KENSEI MARU. 12/1/45 bombed and sunk by US aircraft 25 m. SE of Phanrang, South Vietnam.

Stephen and Howard have recently set up a website which you may like to look at:
OldChinaCoastShips – From the coming of the age of steamships the China Coast saw an active buiding up of shipping fleets, both by major foreign-flag companies which were able to dominate services to the “Treaty Ports” and by Chinese shipping interests.  The Chinese companies were disadvantaged in political and economic terms but could draw together local capital and an outstanding ability to maintain ships and override various obstacles.  This site presents the major shipping fleets of both categories, which then faced the severe difficulties of the 1930s and 1940s.

This model of the HINSANG is currently kept in Jardine’s London office and was made by Mr. H.N. Hardie while interned in Stanley Camp (Hong Kong) between 1942 and 1945 JM&C

Hinsang Model Of The Ship, Now Displayed In Jardine's London Office Stephen Kentwell

This article was first posted on 21st October 2018.

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One comment

  • Very interested to see this photo of the ship model of ss HINSANG. I printed up a long illustrated history of the many ships of Indo-China S N Co and the London Office has a copy, probably filed away somewhere now. I had never located any information about this particular ship which had such a short life. It seems quite an interesting layout for the Borneo run and with a lot of accommodation provided. Not sure but I think there may have been a sistership also. In the 1960s I sailed as a deck officer on another later ss HINSANG which was essentially a log carrier. From Peter Ballantyne

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