Shell Oil tankers built by Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard

HF: Twelve Shell Oil tankers were built by the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dockyard according to the detailed records maintained by the website Helderline linked below.

Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company was responsible for the ships of Shell Transport and Trading from about 1898 to 1955 when Shell acquired the assets of ASPC essentially bringing its fleet of ships in-house.

The information below regarding the 12 ships, built in two distinct periods – the 1920s and post ASPC in the 1960s, comes from the website of Kees Helder who in the sixties sailed on the Shell ships Abida, Vitrea, Koratia and the Kosicia.

Paludina (1) constructed 1921

HK Telegraph 17th August 1923

The Paludina Courtesy:

Petricola 1922

Planorbis 1922

Planorbis Shell Tanker HK & Whampoa Dockyard Built

Planorbis Courtesy:

Pleiodon 1922

Shih Tou Shan 1960

Fu Yung Shan 1960

Sri Krang 1963

Onga 1965

Onga Shell Tanker HK & Whampoa Dockyard Built

The Onga Courtesy:

Shell Shun Fung 1965

Kupang 1965

Sri Bintulu 1967

Bantry Bay 1968

Bantry Bay Shell Tanker HK & Whampoa Dockyard Built

Bantry Bay Courtesy:

This article was first posted on 19th April 2017.


  1. Helderline – Tankers built by HK & Whampoa Dockyard Helderline is a private initiative from Kees Helder. His hobby is to gather as much information about and pictures of Shell tankers, and get in touch with former colleagues.

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