The Hongkong Electric Tramway – c1908 report and images

IDJ has sent a fairly detailed account of The Hongkong Electric Tramway which appears in a book published in 1908 linked below.

This includes details of:

– the construction of the Tramway, the consulting engineers being Alfred Dickinson & Co of Birmingham, UK, and the contractors Dick, Kerr & Co of London

– the track dimensions and length, along with three forms of “permanent-way’ construction depending on ground conditions, and overhead construction

– the generating station next to Bowrington Canal (between Wanchai and Causeway Bay)

– the layout of the depot which, comprises an engine-room, basement, boiler house and coal store, car shed and machine-shop, smiths, paint-shop, carpenter’s shop and office.

– the numbers of tram cars

– the number of company employees

– the number of passengers carried in 1906/1907

– the distance covered by the trams in 1906/1907

– earnings per car mile in 1906

– company profits at this time

– Chairman, EC Morgan

– Directors, R Miller and WJC Cutbill

– Company Secretary HWC Dermer

– General Manager and Chief Engineer, J Gray Scott, plus personal and professional background

– Chief Assistant, GF Malden

– Second Assistant Engineer, GC Hill

– Traffic Superitendent, A Course

– Chief Inspector, W Glendinning

The following images, with headings, accompany the article. Interestingly the main title is The HongKong Electric Traction Company Ltd.

Tramways b Hong_Kong_Electric_Tramway-from_20th_Century_Impressions_book-image001

General view of the works

Tramways c Hong_Kong_Electric_Tramway-from_20th_Century_Impressions_book-image002

The Staff

Tramways d Hong Kong Electric Tramway-from 20th Century Impressions book-image003

Interior of the car shed

Tramways e Hong Kong Electric Tramway-from 20th Century Impressions book-image004

The power house

Tramways a Hong_Kong_Electric_Tramway-from_20th_Century_Impressions_book

Source: Twentieth century impressions of Hong-kong, Shanghai and other Treaty Ports of China, Arnold Wright, Lloyd’s Greater Britain Publishing Company, 1908

This article was first posted on 10th October 2014.

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