The Fish Pond Industry, Hong Kong 1961

HF: Additional information about Fish Farming in HK courtesy of the Public Records Office.

Fish Ponds HK 1961 text

These photos were taken near Yuen Long 1961.

I don’t know whether the fish market was at Yuen Long though all the photos seem to be from the same collection.

Mr Lam Tat Wing Chairman, Yuen Long Fisheries Co-operative Society 1961

Mr Lam Tat Wing
Chairman, Yuen Long Fisheries Co-operative Society

Fish Ponds HK 1961 image

Fish Ponds 2 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 3 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 4 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 5 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 6 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 7 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 8 HK 1961 imageFish Ponds 10 HK 1961 image



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This article was first posted on 5th June 2014.

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  • Thomas Ngan

    Hi there,

    Many of those previous fresh water fish farms had been redeveloped into private housing estates. Two better known ones are Fairview Park & Palm Springs. Tin Shui Wai become a hugh public housing development that we all know. Nam Sang Wai had become the talk of the time where various bush Fire broke out while developers tried to submit plans for redevelopment last year. Tai Sang Wai is not that being mentioned, BTW.

    If you take a look with Google Earth you should be able to see what’s left of the ponds.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    • Thanks Thomas

      The last couple of times I was up in the fish farms, quite a few of the ponds had been drained. Others were being used as places where people could pay to fish. The amount of traditional fishing activity gets less and less. I was also told I was walking on private land – something which had never happened before.

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