“They Fatten Fish to Feed Hong Kong”

HF: This article was written by Stewart Clyde in the early 1960s. 1963 is mentioned at one point.  On the title page is hand written “updated 30.4.64” though the article itself is undated. It comes courtesy of the Public Records Office, HK.

I can find nothing further about Mr Clyde, why he wrote this article or where it originally appeared. I await a reply from the PRO to see if these questions can be answered.

As the ponds teemed with fry and fish so does this piece with statistics:

350 ponds
1,000 acres
800 tons of fish
HKD5 million
5 feet deep ponds
50% fish mortality rate (…in the ponds, 100% when the rest were removed for the market?)
20% annual profit

And edible goldfish… a Shanghainese delicacy!

Apologies for the lack of clarity of the copy – hope you can read Mr Clyde’s efforts.

Fish Clyde 2

Fish Clyde 3

Fish Clyde 4 jpg

Fish Clyde 5 jpg

Fish Clyde 6 jpg

This article was first posted on 2nd September 2014.

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