BAAG Report KWIZ #72 Naval Reports – information about Cosmopolitan, Kowloon, Taikoo and Naval dockyards and Kowloon wharves

Elizabeth Ride has sent BAAG Report KWIZ #72, dated 27th October 1944, and noted earlier: After KWIZ #4, the Naval section is not included in the AWM papers, and does not appear again until KWIZ #66, and then in a slightly different format.

HF: I am afraid because of time constraints I am no longer able to summarize and list the most salient points in KWIZ reports as I did with the BAAG Naval Intelligence Reports, many of which are listed in our Index.

HF: If you are able to provide images of vessels or locations mentioned in this report or information about subjects referred to which you think is relevant to our website I would be delighted to hear from you.

BAAG Report KWIZ #72 A1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 A2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 B1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 B2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 C1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 C2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 D1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 D2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 E1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 E2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 F1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 F2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 G1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 G2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 H1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 J1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 J2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 K1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 K2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 L1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 L2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 M1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 M2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 N1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 N2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 O1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 O2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 P1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 P2BAAG Report KWIZ #72 Q1BAAG Report KWIZ #72 Q2See:

  1. British Army Aid Group (BAAG) [1942-1945]

The  British Army Aid Group (BAAG) was a military intelligence unit which operated in China between March 1942 and December 1945, originally as a branch of MI9.  The officers were mainly European men with a Hongkong connection, and the operative agents were mostly local Hongkong men and women who offered their services, often at great risk, in occupied Hongkong and outside, in the fight for the restoration of their home and freedom.  Throughout the the war the BAAG provided unique intelligence – military, political and economic – about conditions in both Hongkong and China;  they also gave medical and humanitarian assistance to civilians and military alike, and eventually were able to play a part in the restoration of legal rule in Hongkong.

Further information:

  1. For general information about the Elizabeth Ride collection, her father Sir Lindsay Ride, and the British Army Aid group during WW2 a very useful introduction is through
  2. The BAAG papers are kept at the  Hong Kong Heritage Project

Our Index contains several examples of BAAG Naval Section Intelligence Summaries, other BAAG material plus many articles about Hong Kong during the Second World War.

This article was first posted on 4th April 2020 and updated on 18th April 2021.

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Our Index contains numerous examples of BAAG reports, extracts from them and other articles related to Hong Kong during World War Two.

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  • Peter Cundall

    Rinnan Maru 林南丸 frequently appears in records and appears to have been a small ship engaged in transportation services, presumably between Canton and Hong Kong. The ship may have been a wooden hulled motor sailing vessel or a small war captured vessel. The ship’s fate is also unknown.

    Nichiyasu Maru is known in Allied records as Nichian Maru.

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