Hong Kong Tramway books

CM Fung, IDJ and HF have compiled a list of books which contain information about the history of trams in Hong Kong.

HF: I have added a useful, brief synopsis and review of some of the books provided by the http://www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/ website linked below. These also tell you whether the book is in English, Chinese or is bilingual.

  1. Hongkong Tramways, RLP Atkinson + AK Williams, Light Railway Transport League, London, 1970
  2. Tramlines: The story of the Hong Kong tramway system,  Martin Barnett, SCMP, 1984
  3. Trams: Hong Kong Trams: A Close-up Guide, B Arenz, Pacific Century Publishers, 1998
  4. Hong Kong Trams: Hongkong Tramways – 100 Years, Mike Davis, DTS Publishing, 2004
    Synopsis and review
  5. Early Hong Kong Transport, Cheng Po Hung, HKU, 2009
  6. Sedan Chair to Jumbo Jet: An Illustrated History of Transport in HK, F Davies Bonham Books, 2010
  7. A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways, Eric Lee, Tramric Product & Design Ltd, 2012
    Synopsis and review
  8. Amazing Ding Ding, Joseph Tse and Ricky Lau, Cosmos Books, 2012
    Synopsis and review

See: http://www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/

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