Hong Kong Hide & Leather Companies – initial notes about this industry

Kwong Fat Yuen Hong C Image 1 York Lo The 150 Year Old King Of Leather

The Hong Kong Hide & Leather Traders’ Association Ltd website suggests there are around 60 Hong Kong companies currently involved in this industry. We have two articles concerning this trade both written by York Lo. * Tung Mow Hides & Leather Factory(同茂皮廠) – pioneer of the HK leather industry * Kwong Fat Yuen Hong (廣發源行) – the 150 year old King […]

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Hong Kong Industry during World War One

HF:  This is an initial attempt to analyse the impact of World War One on industry in Hong Kong. HF: May 2019 I have not been able to research further on the topic since originally posting this article in September 2015 and would be grateful if someone could poke around a bit and send in more information/images on the subject. […]

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Ann Tse-kai Hong Kong industrialist, established Winsor Industrial Ltd textile manufacturing

Ann Tse Kai Image 7 York Lo

HF: The following article about Ann Tse-kai was written by Liu Oi Yan and first  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright over this material from 2012. Our article was first posted on 10th April 2019. […]

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Duddell Street Gas lamps – last working gas street lamps in Hong Kong

Duddell Street Gas Lamps Image Gwulo

“The exact year in which the flight of grantite steps at the southern end of Duddell Street in Central was constructed is not known, but a series of maps of Hong Kong from the period indicate that they came into existence between 1875 and 1889. According to the records of the Hong Kong and China Gas Co., the four gas […]

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Wah Mei Electric – Leading Distributor of Electronics from the 1920s to 1960s and related firms  

Wah Mei Electric Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Wah Mei Electric – Leading Distributor of Electronics from the 1920s to 1960s and related firms Left: Wah Mei ad in 1927 (8th Far East Games brochure); Right: the old Wah Mei store in between Sunlight Hing Kee and Kin Ming Radio on Des Voeux Road Central Wah Mei Electric was one of the oldest and largest distributor […]

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Barbara Fok (霍畹蘭) and August Moon Hotel (中秋月酒店)

Barbara Fok & August Moon Hotel Detail B Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Barbara Fok (霍畹蘭) and August Moon Hotel (中秋月酒店) Article and picture of Barbara Fok visiting the US to attend the World Expo in New York and her daughter’s high school graduation in California (WKYP, 1964-6-5) From 1960 to 1977, August Moon Hotel at 25 Kimberley Road in Tsim Sha Tsui was a prominent hotel in Kowloon famous for […]

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BAAG Report KWIZ #66 Naval Reports – information about Taikoo, Aberdeen, Kowloon & Cosmopolitan dockyards

BAAG Report KWIZ #66 Sheet Appendix B1 Taikoo Dock Sketch

Elizabeth Ride has sent BAAG Report KWIZ #66 , dated 15th September 1944, and notes: After KWIZ #4, the Naval section is not included in the AWM papers, and does not appear again until KWIZ #66, and then in a slightly different format. Elizabeth suggests that the ship sketches found towards the end of the report were probably intended as […]

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Bakilly – the forgotten maker of perfumes, hair cream, toothpaste and other personal care products

Bakilly Image 1 Detail York Lo

York Lo:  Bakilly – the forgotten maker of perfumes, hair cream, toothpaste and other personal care products HF: York added four images to his original article in March 2019. These are indicated by an asterisk in the captions. Founded in the 1910s, Bakilly (百家利) was a major local personal care product brand in Hong Kong for over half a century […]

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Lai Afong 赖阿芳 and Afong Studio, early HK photographic studio

HF: Lai Afong 赖阿芳 aka Lai Ah Fong, Huafang, Fang Lai, Lihua Fang, Li Fang, A’Fong Lai, 赖華芳, 黎華芳, 芳華 c.1839 – 1890 was a Chinese photographer  who established Afong Studio, one of the early photographic studios in Hong Kong. His studio was active from 1859 to around the 1940s. The business was probably taken over by his son in the 1890s. Subject matters […]

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